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Wu Lanlan Met the Honorary Representative of CCCIC

2023-2-8 14:00:25

On the morning of February 1, CCPIT Beijing Vice Chairwoman Wu Lanlan met with Jay Jimenez, an honorary representative of Colombian Chinese Chamber of Investment and Commerce (CCCIC). They conducted cordial exchanges on cooperation matters.

Wu Lanlan claimed that Beijing has won the bid for this year’s 16th China-LAC Business Summit. The event will bring together representatives of Latin American and Caribbean governments, business associations, and industries. CCPIT Beijing and CCCIC will work closely together and share information during the summit and beyond to support corporate partnerships and enhance economic and trade cooperation between China and Colombia.

Jay Jimenez detailed CCCIC’s recent achievements in corporate services as well as investment and trade promotion. He stated that CCCIC, as an active player in previous China-LAC Business Summits, plans to bring 15-20 member companies to participate and exhibit in the Summit this year.

(Source: CCPIT Beijing)

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