Other agencies

Other agencies

2022-12-2 15:34:37

(1) Secretariat of the Meeting of International Business Leaders Advisory Council for the Mayor of Beijing. Founded in 1999, the Advisory Council includes top decision-makers of world-renowned multinational companies, and bases its secretariat in CCPIT Beijing. The Advisory Council marks a major step of Beijing in learning advanced international experience and boosting high-level development of Beijing. It is also a vital way for multinational companies to gain a deeper understanding of Beijing and conduct practical exchanges and cooperation; an essential platform to tell the good story of Beijing and renew the good image of the city. The meeting requires personal attendance of the consultants who will then have a direct dialogue with the mayor. By far, more than 120 top decision-makers from 46 of the world’s top 500 multinational companies have submitted more than 300 reports.

(2) Beijing Chamber of International Commerce (BCIC). Founded in 1988 and registered with Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, BCIC is a non-governmental, comprehensive and non-profit organization, composed of enterprises, public institutions, social groups and other entities that are engaged in international trade, business exchanges, investment cooperation and other commercial events across China. Supervised by CCPIT Beijing, BCIC now has nearly 1,000 members, and branch offices in 16 districts and economic development zones across Beijing. It aims to implement the nation’s policy of high-level opening-up, broaden exchanges and cooperation among members and between members and business communities across the globe, and jointly drive the growth and prosperity of Beijing’s open economy.

(3) Beijing Academy of International Economy and Trade (BAIET). Founded in March 1990, BAIET is an association voluntarily formed by entities which are legitimately established in Beijing to engage in international economic and trade activities as well as noted experts, scholars, entrepreneurs and other authoritative professionals in the area of foreign economy and trade. Aiming to promote the theoretical research and the development of foreign trade and economic sector, BAIET organizes such activities as themed research, academic exchanges, professional training, and information consultation, in line with the central economic work priorities and hot economic issues of the Central Economic Working Conference, to inform decision-making and offer intellectual services for the economic and trade development in the capital city.