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Delegation from CCPIT Beijing Visit PwC and Panasonic

2022-10-9 9:34:15

To further advance the activity themed as “striving to be pioneers in Beijing’s high-level opening-up” and better serve enterprises, CCPIT Beijing organized a visit to two members of the International Business Leaders Advisory Council for the Mayor of Beijing, PwC and Panasonic, on September 29.

The delegation visited PwC Lab and Panasonic respectively. PwC Lab, supported by digital technology and information interaction system, established an intelligent office based on future working models, realizing flexible working arrangement, visualized management and control of resources, efficient space utilization, and energy conservation and environmental protection. The 2022 Special Exhibition of Business Ideas at Panasonic offered delegates an overview of Panasonic’s development history, corporate culture and business philosophy.

The delegates saw this visit quite fruitful and argued that they will carry out “extensive discussion, extensive visit and extensive investigation” pursuant to the role and mission of trade promotion agencies in the new era, and improve their working style, raise efficiency, and take concrete measures in a down-to-earth manner in close combination with the business of the departments they work at. They also reaffirmed their determination to strengthen contact with people at grassroot level, enhance communication with business associations and Chinese and foreign enterprises, and conduct extensive investigations to identify their demands in development and for services, in a bid to make the work more targeted and effective, help solve problems facing enterprises, and promote the high-quality development of trade promotion in Beijing.

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