The 4th Congress and the 1st Plenary Session of the Fourth General Council of BCIC Held

2024-6-7 15:31:29

The 4th Congress and the 1st Plenary Session of the Fourth General Council of the Beijing Chamber of International Commerce (BCIC) was held in Beijing on June 3. Liu Meiying, Deputy Secretary General of the Beijing Municipal Government, Sun Xiao, Secretary General of the China Chamber of International Commerce, and Zhao Xuegang, Deputy Director General of the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, addressed the meeting. CCPIT Beijing Vice Chairman Tang Haijiao delivered a working report; CCPIT Beijing Vice Chairman Zhu Jialiang chaired the meeting; and CCPIT Beijing Vice Chairman Zhang Xiufeng announced relevant resolutions. The meeting was attended by Li Jinke, Deputy Director General of the Social Work Department of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, Zhou Liquan, Deputy Director General of the Beijing Municipal Intellectual Property Office, Liu Yang, First-level Inspector of CCPIT Beijing, Gao Cheng, Vice Chairman of CCPIT Beijing, Chen Liyu, Vice Chairman of CCPIT Tianjin, and Xue Xianjin, Second-level Inspector of CCPIT Hebei. More than 450 representatives were present, including those from Sanofi (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Beijing Branch, Beijing Enterprises Group Company Limited, Beijing Baidu Netcom Science and Technology Co., Ltd., BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd., and Xiaomi Corporation, who serve as BCIC Vice Presidents, Executive Members, or representatives of BCIC general council members. Heads of CCPITs (Chambers of International Commerce) from all districts of Beijing, and representatives of BCIC members, also attended. The meeting received congratulatory letters from CCPITs in 35 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, sub-provincial cities, and central cities, as well as from the China Chamber of International Commerce. Additionally, congratulatory videos were received from 12 business associations and chambers, both domestic and international, including the Vienna Chamber of Commerce and Industry, China-Italy Chamber of Commerce, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, and Schneider Electric (China) Co., Ltd., as well as foreign business associations and chambers in Beijing, and members of the Meeting of International Business Leaders Advisory Council for the Mayor of Beijing.

The meeting deliberated on the “Work Report of the BCIC Third General Council,” the “Financial Report of the BCIC Third General Council,” and the “Work Report of the BCIC Third Board of Supervisors.” It also deliberated and adopted the “Constitution of BCIC (Draft),” discussed the establishment of the Beijing International Commercial Mediation Center and the BCIC International Intellectual Property Protection Committee, and elected the new BCIC leadership, General Council and Board of Supervisors. Guo Huaigang, Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group and Chairman of CCPIT Beijing, was elected as BCIC President.

The Beijing International Commercial Mediation Center will leverage its unique advantages in trade promotion and dispute mediation to serve BCIC members effectively and contribute to building a world-class commercial dispute settlement platform in Beijing. The BCIC International Intellectual Property Protection Committee will integrate resources, conduct activities, promote exchanges, and improve services to advance international exchanges and cooperation in the field of intellectual property. This will help enhance enterprises’ capabilities in protecting and applying intellectual property in international investment promotion and addressing intellectual property problems in international trade. Consequently, BCIC members will improve their competitiveness in the international market and their influence in international intellectual property. Song Xiaodong, Chairman of Beijing Linkong Huimin Cultural Communication Co., Ltd., and Liu Baoping, Chairman of Beijing Dongsheng Agricultural Technology Development (Group) Co., Ltd., have been appointed as BCIC Deputy Secretary Generals for the first time in BCIC’s history. This move aims to utilize their rich resources and social influence to strengthen ties with enterprises, expand BCIC’s business scope, promote resource sharing and integration, and enhance the overall competitiveness of its members.

Zhao Xuegang, Deputy Director General of the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, expressed his congratulations to the newly elected BCIC general council and board of supervisors. He hoped that BCIC would approach its positioning from a philosophical perspective, pursue its development in line with high standards, follow the guidance of Party building, establish lofty aspirations, improve corporate governance, integrate various resources, remain output-oriented, and predict potential risks. He expected that under the leadership of the new general council, BCIC would enhance standardized management and operations to better serve the capital’s economic development and the development of enterprises.

Guo Huaigang, Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group, Chairman of CCPIT Beijing, and President of BCIC, said that in the next five years, BCIC aims to become a “first-class” chamber of commerce with capital characteristics. It will stay committed to supporting major national economic and trade strategies and the working priorities of Beijing while serving its member enterprises. BCIC will highlight its “three major functions”: connecting government and enterprises, integrating domestic and international markets, and strengthening matchmaking between supply and demand. It plans to develop five service platforms for exchanges, laws, exhibitions, information, and training in international economic and trade. BCIC will launch brand projects such as “100 exchanges,” “compliance of 100 enterprises,” “100 exhibitions for 100 enterprises,” “visit to 100 enterprises,” and “100 training sessions.” The organization will continue to improve its service network for enterprises and expand its “circle of international friends,” aiming to initiate a new stage in the high-quality development of business chambers and associations and facilitate Beijing’s contribution to Chinese modernization in the new era.

Sun Xiao, Secretary General of the China Chamber of International Commerce, noted in his speech that as the leading party members’ group of CCPIT is accelerating coordination among trade promotion agencies, the China Chamber of International Commerce will resolutely implement its requirements to enhance synergy and coordination. He emphasized that integrated development among business chambers and associations is an important task and pledged support for the development and growth of local chambers of international commerce, including BCIC. Sun hoped that BCIC would take this meeting as an opportunity to further expand its functions and roles, fully utilize its resources in the capital, improve its service system, and enhance the service capabilities. He urged BCIC to continuously deepen its contacts and cooperation with business circles and business chambers and associations worldwide, and promote the international development of its members, thus making new and greater contributions to the economic and social development of the capital.

Liu Meiying, Deputy Secretary General of the Beijing Municipal Government, fully recognized the achievements of BCIC over the years and stressed the irreplaceable role of BCIC in promoting Beijing’s international economic and trade exchanges and advancing the development of an open economy in Beijing. Liu hoped that BCIC would bear in mind the requirement of “seeing Beijing first from a political perspective,” earnestly follow the political guidance, and stick to the political direction unwaveringly. She urged BCIC to deepen reform and innovation, lead enterprises to actively integrate into major national strategies, speak for industry and commerce, and propose suggestions to contribute to the high-level opening up of the capital. Liu also emphasized the importance of BCIC’s unique advantage in people-to-people diplomacy, its role as a bridge, and its responsibility in international exchanges. She stressed the need to understand the actual and potential needs of members, improve services, and build a home for enterprises to contribute more to the high-level opening up and high-quality economic development of the capital.


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