CCPIT Beijing Inspects Specialized and Sophisticated Enterprises to Facilitate Going Global

2024-5-28 10:58:04

On the afternoon of May 20, CCPIT Beijing Chairman Guo Huaigang led a team to inspect private enterprises with new quality productive forces in Beijing, and had a discussion with them around the topic of international business expansion and market development.

The inspection team looked into the enterprises’ production and operation, the development and utilization of technologies and patents, and their business development and structure at the international market, etc. The team learned about the system intelligent solutions and SU7 electric vehicles at Xiaomi Automobile Factory, the innovative technologies in the field of infection diagnosis such as tuberculosis screening schemes based on tongue swab at Hugo Biotech, and the application of impact compactor and rubberized asphalt in road engineering at LandPAC, and the production of robots for minimally invasive interventions at WeMed.

Following the on-the-spot inspection, a discussion was held with those in charge of each of the enterprises. Guo said that the leading specialized and sophisticated enterprises producing novel and unique products, leveraging Beijing’s abundant talent and technology resources, have injected new vitality into the development of new quality productive forces. Committed to providing platforms, expanding channels, and offering services for enterprises, CCPIT Beijing will closely engage with enterprises involved in new quality productive forces to assist them in expanding their presence in the international market.

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