CCPIT Beijing Meets with Chifeng Delegation

2024-4-7 16:31:14

On the afternoon of March 26, Guo Huaigang, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Chairman of CCPIT Beijing, met with a delegation from Chifeng, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and engaging in an in-depth discussion with Wan Chaoqi, Secretary of the CPC Chifeng Committee. The two sides discussed the measures to fully implement the new round of Beijing-Inner Mongolia cooperative framework agreement and deepen economic and trade cooperation.

Wan Chaoqi highlighted Chifeng's strategic plans to leverage its advantages in location, industries and resources, capitalize on the significant opportunity of relieving Beijing of functions non-essential to its role as the national capital, and actively undertake the industrial transfer from Beijing, in a bid to better get integrated into the coordinated development strategy of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. Wan acknowledged CCPIT Beijing’s advantages in international resources, high-level platforms and abundant corporate connections. He expressed his willingness to further strengthen ties and deepen cooperation with CCPIT Beijing, so as to promote Chifeng through enterprise endorsements and participation in platforms, increase visibility of Chifeng among Chinese and foreign enterprises, enhance the economic and trade cooperation among them, and advance Chifeng’s open economy development.

Guo Huaigang noted Chifeng’s proactive approach to expanding its scope of opening-up in more fields and at a deeper level, positioning itself as a bridgehead of an open economy and playing a pivotal role in pursuing a “dual circulation” development paradigm. He said that CCPIT Beijing is committed to leveraging its international resources and platforms, work with Chifeng to build platforms and channels and improve services, and maintain close communication with Chifeng on enhancing the Beijing-Inner Mongolia coordination and making Chifeng better integrate into the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, to facilitate the high-quality regional economic development.

The meeting was also attended by Liu Yang, First-level inspector of CCPIT Beijing, Zhu Jialiang, Member of the Party Leadership Group and Vice Chairman of CCPIT Beijing, and Zhang Jikang, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Chifeng Committee and Deputy Mayor of Chifeng, along with officials from relevant departments of two sides.

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