CCPIT Zhangjiakou Chairman Zhang Lu Visits CCPIT Beijing

2024-4-7 16:20:44

On March 28, Zhu Jialiang, Vice Chairman of CCPIT Beijing, engaged in discussions with Zhang Lu, Chairman of CCPIT Zhangjiakou, with the attendance of leaders from relevant departments of two sides.

During the meeting, Zhang Lu provided an overview of the business development of CCPIT Zhangjiakou, hoping to strengthen communication and exchange with Beijing CCPIT, leverage each organization's strengths, and realize resource sharing and practical cooperation.

Zhu Jialiang outlined CCPIT Beijing’s efforts in utilizing international resources, enhancing the brand of international exhibitions, establishing trade promotion mechanism, and reforming the Chamber of International Commerce. He looked forward to strengthening exchanges and cooperation with CCPIT Zhangjiakou, to contribute more to the economic and trade exchanges between Beijing and Zhangjiakou and the local economic development.

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