CCPIT Gansu Chairman Sheng Yunfeng Visits CCPIT Beijing

2024-3-23 14:59:26

On the afternoon of March 18, Chairman Guo Huaigang of CCPIT Beijing met with a delegation from CCPIT Gansu, led by Chairman Sheng Yunfeng. They exchanged views on jointly building high-quality Belt and Road initiative and expanding economic and trade cooperation in Western China. Specifically, they discussed foreign-related economic and trade activities, MICE promotion, international commercial legal services, and the reform of the Chamber of International Commerce. The meeting was also attended by Vice Chairman Zhu Jialiang of CCPIT Beijing and leaders from relevant departments of both sides.

Chairman Guo Huaigang extended a warm welcome to Chairman Sheng Yunfeng and his colleagues. He introduced Beijing’s economic and social development, and CCPIT Beijing's efforts and achievements in the new era in terms of the construction of the trade promotion mechanism, the utilization of international resources, and the development of international exhibition brands. Guo expressed the belief that there is ample room for cooperation between the two sides in enhancing the matchmaking between demand and supply in the western region, sharing resource, and organizing major events. He hoped for continued strong cooperation between the two sides to contribute further to local economic and trade exchanges and high-quality development.

Chairman Sheng Yunfeng provided an overview of the recent development of major industries in Gansu Province and the economic and trade activities organized by CCPIT Gansu. He said that Gansu Province, situated in the strategic location along the Silk Road Economic Belt, possesses rich natural resources and unique geographical advantages. He hoped to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with CCPIT Beijing to jointly promote deeper economic and trade relations between the two regions and achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

Both sides expressed their willingness during the meeting to strengthen communication and contact, leverage their respective advantages, build platforms, and expand channels for economic and trade cooperation between the two regions, in a bid to contribute to the coordinated development of the regional economy.

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