2024 Working Exchange Meeting among Beijing Trade Promotion Agencies Held by CCPIT Beijing

2024-2-23 13:55:15

On February 4, CCPIT Beijing convened the 2024 Working Exchange Meeting among Beijing Trade Promotion Agencies, with the attendance of Guo Huaigang, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Chairman of CCPIT Beijing, alongside all members of the leadership, as well as department heads and relevant representatives from CCPIT Beijing and trade promotion agencies across 16 districts and Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area. The meeting was chaired by Tang Haijiao, Vice Chairman of CCPIT Beijing.

Vice Chairman Zhang Xiufeng conveyed the spirit of the 2024 National Trade Promotion Conference, while Vice Chairman Zhu Jialiang presented a work report. Zhu summarized the main trade promotion efforts in 2023, and outlined the working ideas and key tasks in 2024. Representatives from the trade promotion agencies in 16 districts and Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area engaged in exchanges. They introduced their respective 2024 work plans, and put forward suggestions to enhance the effectiveness of trade promotion agencies in Beijing.

The meeting pointed out that in 2023, under the strong leadership of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and the Beijing Municipal Government, and with the guidance of CCPIT, the trade promotion agencies in Beijing diligently executed the directives and arrangements of the municipal authorities. They prioritized the capital’s development in the new era, and achieved notable progress in various aspects of international trade and investment promotion, commercial legal services, MICE promotion, multilateral and bilateral cooperation in industry and commerce, construction of application-oriented think tanks in international economic and trade, services to enterprises and endorsement of industry and commerce, and Beijing trade promotion system development. Those achievements significantly contributed to the capital’s high-level opening up. In 2024, the trade promotion agencies in Beijing will focus on “quality improvement and innovation”, further improve the network of services for enterprises, expand the international connections, realize the smoother connection between the government and enterprises, enhance the integration of broader domestic and international markets, and facilitate more efficient supply-demand matchmaking, to attain new milestones across different sectors.

Key priorities highlighted in the meeting include: 1. Expanding channels and enhancing the international influence. Trade promotion agencies should fully utilize the resources of the trade promotion system, especially the platforms of overseas representative offices and the networks of international business associations, to amplify efforts in a coordinated manner. Measures should be taken to give full play to the advantages of trade promotion agencies as professional and international platforms, establish and promote regional images, highlight the regional development potential, policy advantages and industrial characteristics, and enhance regional visibility. Investment promotion activities in various forms and at different levels can be held in innovative ways and based on the activities and platforms such as China International Supply Chain Expo. 2. Improving services to enterprises and enhancing regional attractiveness. It is necessary to strengthen policy interpretation, provide timely information to enterprises, well understand the demands of enterprises, and help enterprises resolve issues. The chambers of international commerce should play a greater role in offering regular services such as policy consultation, market information dissemination, project matchmaking and commercial legal services, to continuously enhance the connection with enterprises, and build a “Beijing Service” trade promotion brand. 3. Enhancing working mechanism and cohesion among trade promotion agencies. The communication between CCPIT Beijing and the district-level trade promotion agencies can be enhanced through investigations and information submission. CCPIT Beijing will intensify guidance to district-level sub-councils, and utilize platform of “Capital International Economic and Trade Lecture” to build a highly-competent and professional workforce in trade promotion. CCPIT Beijing will promote the implementation of the trade promotion reform plan, strengthen the development of trade promotion agencies in various districts, and improve the capital’s trade promotion working system through innovating working systems and mechanisms. The cross-department, cross-region and cross-sector cooperation should be enhanced to form a joint force within the trade promotion agencies in Beijing, to bolster the capital’s high-level opening up and high-quality economic development.

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