CCPIT Beijing Holds Summary Conference on Studying and Implementing Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era

2023-9-7 10:14:05

On September 7th, CCPIT Beijing held a conference to recapitulate the thematic education campaign focused on the study and implementation of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. The conference comprehensively reviewed the progress made during the thematic education and discussed plans to consolidate and further advance the achievements, to propel Beijing’s trade promotion efforts to new heights. Guo Huaigang, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Chairman of CCPIT Beijing and the Leader of the Thematic Education Leading Group, presented a comprehensive summary report. Huang Saixi, the head of the Sixth Itinerant Guidance Group for thematic education appointed by the Municipal Party Committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The conference was attended by all party members and cadres of CCPIT Beijing’s departments and General Affairs Center, as well as representatives of retired party members. Moreover, three party member representatives had the opportunity to engage in discussions and offer their insights during the conference.

The conference emphasized that since the commencement of the thematic education, CCPIT Beijing has followed the unified arrangements of the Central and Municipal Party committees. Under the guidance of the Sixth Itinerant Guidance Group for the thematic education appointed by the Municipal Party Committee, CCPIT Beijing has firmly adhered to the general requirements of “learning ideology, strengthening Party character, emphasizing practicality, and achieving new accomplishments.” CCPIT Beijing has demonstrated swift action, meticulous organization, and careful planning throughout the process. The Party Leadership Group of CCPIT Beijing has played a pivotal role in driving the thematic education forward. Party members and cadres have actively engaged, while enterprises and the general public have shown enthusiastic support. The implementation of key measures, including theoretical learning, investigations and research, development promotion, self-examination and rectification, and institutional establishment, has been carried out seamlessly. The entire educational process has been marked by distinctive features, efficiency, and significant achievements. By integrating learning, self-reflection, and practical application, party members and cadres have undergone comprehensive and profound political education, refined their ideological perspectives, and enriched their spirits. The thematic education has effectively driven the high-quality development of trade promotion in Beijing.

The conference pointed out that during the thematic education, CCPIT Beijing’s Party Leadership Group consistently adhered to the principle of setting an example, considering it a fundamental approach. They have placed a strong emphasis on problem-oriented methods, ensuring the effective implementation of rectification measures. Furthermore, they have given high priority to meeting the satisfaction of the people, which has propelled the improvement of work styles. Additionally, the Party Leadership Group has fostered synergy and cooperation across different levels, creating a united front to advance the objectives of the thematic education. They have tailored their actions to align with the distinctive characteristics of trade promotion in Beijing. Party members and cadres, driven by their unwavering political enthusiasm, actively engaged in the thematic education. Consequently, they have acquired a deeper understanding and appreciation of the profound truths and practical efficacy encapsulated in Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. Their theoretical knowledge has grown more robust, their ideals and beliefs have been fortified, and their sense of purpose has been further entrenched. They have forged stronger connections with enterprises, exhibited heightened work ethics, reinvigorated their entrepreneurial spirit, taken proactive initiatives, and demonstrated the effectiveness of their development endeavors. The conference stressed the comprehensive advancement of thematic education, firmly establishing its roots and yielding fruitful results in the realm of trade promotion.

The conference made it clear that maintaining strong unity under the leadership of the Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core is of utmost importance. It placed a significant emphasis on the essential task of solidifying and advancing the accomplishments of the thematic education, following the guiding principles of the 20th CPC National Congress, for both the present and the future. The meeting also highlighted the necessity of developing a profound understanding of the decisive significance of the “Two Establishes” strengthening the “Four  Awarenesses”, bolstering the “Four Matters of Confidence”, and ensuring the “Two Upholds”. Furthermore, the conference highlighted the necessity of steadfastly adhering to Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era as the guiding ideology. It highlighted the necessity of resolutely and rigorously addressing issues while implementing targeted rectification measures with practicality in mind. The conference called for a continuous commitment to fostering integrity and discipline, and to make further efforts to exercise full and rigorous governance over the Party. It stressed the importance of maintaining a practical focus throughout the entire process of task execution and entrepreneurial pursuits. Participants were encouraged to showcase innovative achievements, aim to be pioneers, and persistently strive to contribute to comprehensively building a modern socialist country, particularly in the context of promoting the high-quality development of trade promotion in Beijing.

Huang Saixi, the leader of the Sixth Itinerant Guidance Group for the thematic education campaign appointed by the Municipal Party Committee, highlighted that since the initiation of the thematic education campaign, the Party Leadership Group of CCPIT Beijing has maintained a strong political awareness. They have consistently combined thematic education with the pursuit of deepened reforms and progress. Huang Saixi emphasized the effective organization, distinctive characteristics, and notable achievements of thematic education. Party organizations at all levels have played a pivotal role in its promotion, while the active involvement of party members and cadres has vividly exemplified the high standards and sense of responsibility upheld by trade promotion professionals. Huang Saixi emphasized the importance of further enhancing theoretical knowledge, fortified by a profound sense of political responsibility and historical mission. It is crucial to employ a problem-oriented approach and ensure the effective implementation of rectification measures. Prioritizing self-improvement is essential to cultivate a highly skilled workforce. Taking on missions and responsibilities, CCPIT Beijing should serve the overall development of the country with an unwavering spirit and a relentless pursuit of progress. By doing so, they will make remarkable contributions to the high-quality development of trade promotion in Beijing, thus creating an exceptional chapter in its success story.

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