CCPIT Beijing Chairman Guo Huaigang Meets with the Delegation of Macao Convention & Exhibition Association

2023-9-5 11:16:17

On the morning of September 4, Guo Huaigang, Chairman of CCPIT Beijing, met with Song Xiaodong, President of Macao Convention & Exhibition Association (MCEA), and Pan Yaorong, Chairman of MCEA. They exchanged views on strengthening MICE cooperation, with the attendance of Zhang Xiufeng, Vice Chairman of CCPIT Beijing, and Pan Lifeng and Liu Wei, Vice Chairmen of MCEA.

During the meeting, Guo Huaigang briefed the delegation on the plans and the status quo of CCPIT Beijing in the fields of international trade and investment promotion, commercial law services, international MICE promotion, and think tanks. He emphasized the broad space for cooperation between the two sides in MICE promotion, MICE planning and organization, and joint efforts in promotion the high-quality development of Belt and Road Initiative. CCPIT Beijing will actively advance an all-round cooperation with Macao in the fields of economy, trade, and MICE based on the Beijing-Macao cooperation platform, and  propel the deepening of the Beijing-Macao partnership.

Song Xiaodong expressed gratitude to CCPIT Beijing for its long-term support to and active participation in the Macao International Trade and Investment Fair (MIF). He highlighted MCEA’s dedication to consolidating the MICE industry in Macao and promoting the diversified growth of Macao’s economy. MCEA now has more than 90 members, whose businesses cover the whole MICE industry chain. Song hoped to strengthen exchanges with CCPIT Beijing, explore more diversified cooperation approaches and projects, and contribute to the prosperity and development of MICE in both Beijing and Macao, in a bid to establish a more efficient platform for fostering exchanges between the Chinese and foreign enterprises, particularly those from Chinese and Portuguese-speaking countries.

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