Beijing’s First Economy and Trade Delegation Yielded Fruitful Results

2023-3-15 9:14:34

In an effort to attract investors and exhibitors and explore new business opportunities, CCPIT Beijing led an economic and trade delegation and arranged an eight-day trip to Belgium and the UAE where they visited local customers and initially secured six cooperative projects.

From March 1 to 8, CCPIT Beijing led a delegation of 31 Chinese institutions and corporations in the Cultural & Creative and Science & Technology industries to Belgium and the UAE to participate in various business forums as well as promotional activities. According to Guo Huaigang, chairman of CCPIT Beijing, “The goal (of CCPIT and the delegation) is not only the practice of economy and trade cooperation projects, but also the enhancement of the confidence of foreign-funded corporations to pursue developments in China.”

During the trip, the delegation actively promoted investments and cooperation, positively pushed forward practice of projects, and vigorously explored overseas markets. They visited 13 institutions, including the Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the Chinese Business Council in UAE, and the Belgian Centre for Comic Strip Art, and conducted five promotional activities. On behalf of the delegation, CCPIT Beijing introduced the business environment of the capital city and high-level opening-up policies of the “Two Zones” (i.e. the Integrated National Demonstration Zone for Opening up the Services Sector and the China (Beijing) Pilot Free Trade Zone) . In face of the wide spectrum of opportunities provided by digital economy as well as cross-border trades, CCPIT Beijing expressed the willingness to explore new cooperation models. Additionally, the head of the Beijing (Zhongri) International cooperation Industrial Zone exchanged views with representatives from international institutions on cultural industrial parks as well as policies facilitating developments of the cultural industry before inviting international corporations and institutions to settle in Beijing.

Centering around new business forms like digital art display and immersive experience, CCPIT Beijing co-hosted a business promotion event together with the Abu Dhabi Investment Office on March 6. Representatives from government agencies in the UAE, Mubadala Investment Company, Abu Dhabi’s sovereign wealth fund, and Hub71 introduced the local investment environment and policies. They then joined business negotiations with 31 Chinese companies and institutions in the Cultural and Creative as well as Science & Technology industry, including BioMap, and reached preliminary cooperation agreements on six projects, covering the internationalization of applications from the Perfect World Investment & Holding Group.

Among all projects, the strategic cooperation agreement reached between BioMap, a leading Chinese company in Bio-computing industry, and Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence, a world-class AI reseach institute, on jointly building the first bio-computing innovation research laboratory in the Middle East stood out. Another project worth notification was carried out between the Perfect World and the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, who discussed on industrial cooperation like international Esports (Electronic Sports) as well as digital popularization and promotion of the Chinese language.

By attending the Made in Asia Festival and the Middle East Film & Comic Con 2023, the delegation also conducted in-depth exchanges at the scene with the organizers and nearly 100 exhibitors.

“Leaders of Chinese businesses hold the belief of ‘no pain, no gain’ at heart, which motivates them to seize the right timings and opportunities to secure orders and benefits on the stability of foreign trades of China. CCPIT Beijing will further conduct economy and trade promotion activities cross borders, fields and channels to intensify international exchanges and advance the opening-up of the capital city” , Guo Huaigang said.

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