CCPIT Beijing And WTCA Conducted Work Conference

2023-3-15 9:13:20

On the morning of March 10, Guo Huaigang, chairman of CCPIT Beijing, received a delegation from the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) led by Scott Xun, vice president of the Asia-Pacific division of the association, and conducted friendly discussions on how to enhance further cooperation between the two sides.

Being the first official visit since the Covid-19 pandemic, the delegation was warmly welcomed by Guo Huaigang who then introduced the status quo of major work of CCPIT Beijing, covering international economy and trade investment promotion, commercial legal services and MICE industry promotion. Given the complex and challenging state of Sino-US relations, Guo expressed the willingness to enhance communications and interactions with WTCA. He emphasized the importance of leveraging strengths and functions of both sides to establish a service platform facilitating the expansion of oversea businesses for corporations as well as to actively promote economy and trade cooperation between Beijing and the US.

Wang Xun stated that WTCA accumulated more than 300 members around the world and worked under a framework that integrated facilities, services, brands, and networks. Over the years, CCPIT Beijing and WTCA were long-standing and loyal friends to each other. In the future, WTCA hope to intensify communications with CCPIT in areas like information sharing, talent training, group visits, conferences and activities to assist on in-depth interactions as well as cooperation between small and medium-sized enterprises in China and the US.

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