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Technology opens up a new vista of life, Innovation nurtures new momentum: Zhongguancun Innovation and Entrepreneurship Achievements Debut at CHITEC

2018-5-22 9:11:28

Sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the State Intellectual Property Office, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), and the Beijing Municipal People’s Government, and organized by CCPIT Beijing, the 21st China Beijing International High-Tech Expo (CHITEC) kicked off at China International Exhibition Center on May 17, 2018. The booth for exhibition of Zhongguancun Innovation and Entrepreneurship Achievements was set up at Pavilion 2 of China International Exhibition Center (Old Venue). With an exhibition area of 3,200 square meters, a total of about 125 Zhongguancun enterprises displayed 284 pieces of new technologies, new products and new services at CHITEC.

The year 2018 marks the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Zhongguancun Park. under the theme of “Technology opens up a new vista of life, Innovation nurtures new momentum”, CHITEC Zhongguancun Innovation and Entrepreneurship Achievements Exhibition puts the guiding principles from the 19th CPC National Congress into action and implements Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and showcases a number of forward-looking, pioneering and disruptive innovation and entrepreneur achievements and industrial clusters in the cutting-edge technology field based on the overall goal of building a national science and innovation center. At the same time, while publicizing the new concept of innovative, coordinated, green, open, and shared development, the demonstration zone makes new achievements and breakthroughs in the global technological innovation competition. It will shape the Zhongguancun brand and demonstrate the key status and role of the demonstration zone in supporting the construction of the National Science and Technology Innovation Center.

The overall plan of this achievement exhibition is divided into 6 major exhibition areas: theme image area, artificial intelligence interaction area, energy conservation and environmental protection and modern agriculture area, health management service area, future life experience area, and innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem area. Through meticulous design, the exhibition comprehensively and vividly displays the historical process of innovation and development in Zhongguancun, the glorious results, as well as the innovative resources capability and flourishing prospects. It opens up a time journey for the visitors to experience first-hand the charms of technological innovation.

Artificial intelligence interaction area: intelligent clusters for driving original innovation

At present, the artificial intelligence industry is developing at a fast clip. Countries around the world and global corporate giants have made development in this sector. China’s artificial intelligence industry is at a stage of opportunity with rapid development. Zhongguancun has obvious bases and advantages in the development of artificial intelligence industry. At this CHITEC, the Zhongguancun Artificial Intelligence area showcases major innovation projects and disruptive cutting-edge technologies in cutting-edge industrial fields such as artificial intelligence, big data, and virtual reality.

The projects include: “low-altitude guardian” UAV low-altitude defense system that completes low-altitude airspace control missions for the security tasks of the 19th CPC National Congress and the two sessions and won honorary award from the armed police; 32-line laser radar released by Surestar Technology; EAL4 level mobile operating system with “information technology product security evaluation” issued by China Information Technology Security Evaluation Center and other original innovation AI technology and products. This exhibition area showcases 62 projects from 25 companies.

Future life experience area: Innovation and Technology Leads the Future Life

Having a safe and smart home is the dream of most Chinese families. The Zhongguancun Future Life Experience Area of this CHITEC focuses on the simulated home life scenes, showcasing a number of consumer Internet model innovation products and technologies supported by internet information technology. Through this, visitors experience the future life created by geeks and makers at close range.

For instance, CasirisVision’s pure laser display technology can truly reproduce the objective world of rich, colorful colors; iFlytek harnesses the company’s leading intelligent voice and image recognition technology to help the construction of smart campus of primary and secondary schools; Beijing ASU Tech debuts ASU smart watches with projection function and other popular products and technologies. Visitors can feel the tremendous changes brought about by the science and technology in our lives, health and environmental protection. This exhibition area focuses on the 55 projects from 22 companies.

Energy conservation and environmental protection and modern agriculture area: Green Sharing Promotes Industrial Development

After 30 years of development, Zhongguancun has produced a group of powerful technical products in the fields of air environment, sewage treatment, new energy, high-efficiency energy conservation, and comprehensive utilization of resources. Some independently produced technologies are at the forefront in China and others have reached the international advanced level, with strong international competitiveness. These provide strong technical support service for energy-saving, emission reduction and ecological progress in China. This CHITEC exhibition area will focus on new technologies, new products, and the first (set) major technical equipment demonstration project. It will showcase a group of leading technologies and products and overall solutions in the field of low-carbon energy conservation and modern agriculture.

Such as: Automated optical inspection (AOI) technology by CASI Vision Technology replaces manual inspection, and has changed the current status of the industry’s 80% manual inspection for mobile phone covers; SCICOOLING (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. relies on world-leading new single-compressor refrigeration technology to achieve high-efficiency cooling up to -196°C, which has significant advantages in terms of system complexity, system maintenance, system noise, environmental dependence, and energy saving and consumption reduction; highly flexible TD350 new sealing material developed by Tianding Sealing Technology Co., Ltd. is successfully applied to oil fields, laying the foundations for the development of new oil production process and better oil recovery. The ECS efficient circular breeding system by Good Food Company has revolutionized the existing aquaponics systems and models, solving the problems of organic nutritional deficiencies, low yield, acidification of water quality and waste of resources. It can be applied to a wide range of climates and environments, including deserts, saline and alkaline lands, thereby achieving zero emissions, zero pollution and zero residue in all production processes. The exhibition area showcases 31 projects from 24 companies.

Health management service area: escort health and create smart medical care

As the times advance, people yearn for a healthier life. The Zhongguancun Health Management Service Area focuses on the big health service management industry chain and takes community health as the simulated scene, demonstrating a group of smart miniaturized innovative products and new services in the fields of biomedicine, medical devices and emerging health services.

For instance, the wireless cerebral blood oxygen detection headband and the non-invasive cerebral blood oxygen monitor by CAS Borui can monitor the cerebral blood oxygen index in real time, thereby greatly reducing the risk of intraoperative brain hemorrhage death; the molecular imaging-based cancer targeting surgical navigation system can provide doctors with precise positioning within 1 mm in the early detection of breast cancer, gastric cancer, liver cancer, and tumor resection, thereby shortening operation time and greatly curtailing human error; Coyote Bioscience Mini8 Plus is a car-mounted, portable real-time fluorescence quantification PCR instrument which uses 12V DC power supply. This exhibition area focuses on 58 projects from 21 companies.

Innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem area: Ecosystem Nurtures Innovation Momentum

The unique innovation and entrepreneur ecosystem is the core competence of Zhongguancun. This exhibition area focuses on Zhongguancun innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, and demonstrates the representative incubators and key incubation projects such as the top 10 incubation models of Zhongguancun, key enterprises outside parks in Beijing and so on. Through product display, exchanges on creativity, collaborations, and other forms, the visitors can immerse themselves in Zhongguancun’s attractive innovation and entrepreneur atmosphere.

For instance: artificial intelligence represented by Beijing Qidi Entrepreneurship Incubator, Beijing TRON SPACE; VR/AR and other technological achievements application and enterprise incubation models and products; UCOMMUNE civil-military integration platform providing full industry chain services for innovative enterprises; CFLD Innovation Center that takes “China Artificial Intelligence Industry as the core, and builds the AI Innovation and Entrepreneur Ecosystem” enables the audience to immerse themselves in the appealing business atmosphere in Zhongguancun. The exhibition area focuses on 78 projects from 33 companies.

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