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“Beijing 798 Impression” Lands in Rome

2016-7-11 14:32:28

Rome, Jun. 17th (Xinhua/Luo Na) - Speaking of Chinese arts, many Italians will conjure up traditional painting, calligraphy and porcelain. However, “Beijing 798 Impression”, an art exhibition which has lately landed in Rome, offers local aficionados first-hand experience of China’s artistic avant-garde.

The moment you enter the exhibition hall, you will be enamored by contemporary Chinese artworks with diversified styles and themes. The 600m2 exhibition houses 40 items (sets) of exhibits by 35 young Chinese artists, including oil paintings, photography works, sculptures and installations. Hemmed in on all sides by bookshelves, these exhibits will bring cultural and visual shock to visitors.

Yang Qian uses colorful plastic buttons to reproduce Rodin’s iconic sculpture, The Thinker. Wu Mingzhong, through his exquisite painting, Love No.1, reveals the tough appearance and fragile heart of people in modern society….

“The works by Chinese artists are full of surprise. Using media familiar to westerners, these works actually exude oriental aesthetic interest and humor,” said a visitor named Paul. “I knew barely anything about contemporary Chinese arts, so today’s show is indeed an eye-opener. We have a lot to learn from Chinese artists,” added another visitor named Sylviana.

Following the 2014 Bordeaux Exhibition and 2015 Hague Exhibition, “Beijing 798 Impression” has made another amazing appearance in Europe. Co-organized by CCPIT Beijing, Beijing Administrative Committee of 798 Art Zone, and Rome Expo, the Rome Exhibition is the prelude to this year’s world tour of “Beijing 798 Impression”.

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