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The 18th CHITEC Ends Successfully and Fruitfully

2015-5-20 17:57:34

The 18th China Beijing International Hi-tech Expo (CHITEC) closed successfully on the afternoon of May 17.

During the CHITEC, all theme reports, exhibitions, forums, trade promotions, and online displaying held focused on economic new normal and entrepreneurial innovation hotspots according to the CHITEC theme: Promoting scientific and technological innovation for industrial development. High and new technologies advanced in China and the world at large were displayed alongside exhibitions of high-grade, precision and advanced industries. Also exhibited were a great number of projects related to transformation of scientific research fruits into production and industrial cooperation. All these served to encourage pioneering and innovative efforts and promote new concepts and new experience for new development.

The CHITEC was highlighted with new heights of Chineseinnovation, intelligent manufacturing, high-tech, Internet +, and new economic normal. Slogans seen everywhere during the CHITEC include “newly established”, “high growth", "the first in China", "fill in the blank", "intellectual property rights of the Chinese people" – a scene that shows the trend featuring “popular entrepreneurship and innovation”.

According to incomplete statistics, 82.254 billion Yuan worth of agreements related to technological transaction or industrial cooperation were added during the current CHITEC. This shows the following four features compared to the previous CHITECs: Firstly, agreement value making up some 70 percent of the total are related to energy saving and environmental protection, a new generation of information technology, bio industry, new energy and other emerging industries of strategic significance;secondly; half of the agreements are related to high and new technological projects invested by private enterprises; thirdly, half of the agreement value goes to patents, trademarks, licensing of know-how transfer and other cooperation projects; fourthly,agreements involving projects undertaken for the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region are signed.

The CHITECthat has been held on the annual basis for 18 years running witnesses the dramatic change from the dominant role of foreign technology to the emergence of Chinese national brands, and further to a situation, in which China climbs world heights independently and millions of young people set up their own businesses and seek innovation. It is in the 18 years that the CHITEC experienced the process of China’s scientific and technological industries going from a “single spark” to a “prairie fire”, a process which also shows Beijing’s influence onand role played to the national science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship.

The CHITEC held against the backdrop featuring a new normal displaysthe following six new characteristics:

 (I)New National Science and Technology Innovation Projects, plus Results of Their Application, Displayed during the CHITEC Shows New Height of China’s ‘Intelligent Creation’

The year 2015 is the last year of the 12th Five-Year Program. The 18thCHITECdisplayed a bunch of projects involving core technologies which China has developed or technologies which stay advanced inChina and the world at large.


The Office of ScienceandTechnologyAwards displayed a large number of award winners whose technology stays above the domestic or international level, and whose  application to production leads to a change in the world market pattern, making it possible for China to enjoy more say in this regard. These include the project of R&D and the application of the “deep water semi-submersible drilling platform”, which won the grand prize of national science and technology progress award, marking the fact that China becomesan international marine engineering high-end equipment manufacturing country; it is considered as a milestone jump from the shallow to ultra-deepwater exploitation of offshore oil and gas resources. They also include the Methanolto Light Olefin(DMTO)Technology, first prize winner of the national technological invention. Staying at the world’s advanced technological level, the coal to olefinsproduction technology represents the first industrialized production of the product. The development of the DMTO technology will play an important role in finding substitutes for oil consumption.

The China National Nuclear Corporation displayed major technological innovation projects achieved during the 12th Five-year Program period. Among the projects is the Hualong One nuclear power project that is safe and reliable, and is of completely independent intellectual property right, markingthat China will progress from a nuclear nation to a nuclear power. Construction of a pilot project adopting Hualong One technology began in early May, andin the near future, relevant projectmight be built in Argentina.

Nineteen provinces and autonomous regions exhibited their new technologies, new products and new projects, from which one sees the fast development of emerging industries, such as high-end equipment manufacturing, electronic information, new energy, new materials, biomedicine, energy saving and environmental protection. Guangdong and Shandong provinces exhibited their own technology - held as a breakthrough, the technology they have developed is of important strategic significance in promoting their industrial development; Tianjin showed the fruits of its efforts in buildingits national innovation demonstration zone; Hebei showed its high-speed EMUs, and AC powertransmissionandtransformationproject transformer, products it developed on its ownthat represent a new breakthrough in the world record; Sichuan showed its new technology which fills in the blank in its field in China; Shenzhen displayed its hi-tech electronic equipment; Xinjiang showed the technology unique to itself under the theme of the Silk Road economy belt; Chongqing showed its low altitude traffic project, and Qinghai showed its photovoltaictechnology. The "Changsha-Zhuzhou-XiangtanInnovation Pattern" was a major highlight of the CHITEC. At a promotion seminar held by the three Hunan cities, He Baoxiang, deputy governor of the People's Government of Hunan Province, delivered a keynote speech. Attending the seminar were CEOs of 202 business, including the China Aviation Industry Corporation, the China Aerospace Construction Group Co., Ltd., the ZhongTong Yintai Co., Ltd., and Yongyou Technology Co., Ltd. Also present on the occasion were 103 people representing governments, construction areas and enterprises in 12 cities. During the business investment seminar, 531 projects involving a total investment of 1,084.91 billion Yuan were announced to open to investment; they involve in such fields as electronic commerce, new energy equipment, medicine, biology, aeronautics and astronautics, advanced manufacturing and other key industrial projects – agreements signed during the seminar involve an investment adding up to 2.066 billion Yuan.

The Second New Overseas Chinese Innovation Achievements Exhibition was held during the CHITEC. Centered around regional cooperation strategies like the Belt-Road project, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development and the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone, 102 overseas Chinese ventures from 22 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Governmentwere organized to attend this exhibition for promotion of a group of innovative projects.

Beijing does its best to build itself into a national science and technology innovation center. Various districts of the capital city attended the CHITEC. Xicheng District exhibited its intelligent technology and products, results of its efforts to build an intelligent town;Dongcheng District displayed culture and science and technology unique to itself; Changping District displayed its efforts geared to build itself into a world-class science and education region by showing a platform where various enterprises can share new resources of innovative science and technology; Chaoyang District, which is known for its richly endowed internationalized innovation resources,displayed efforts to build up an industrial e-commerce area for e-commerce to help promote industrial transformation.

Beijing Economic-Technological Development Areais composed of five innovation centers related respectively to the integrated circuit, new displayer devices, bio-medicine, intelligent equipment and Internet industry. Business companies representing more than 40 industrial chains and industrial clustersfrom the Area attended the CHITEC. For instance,the Semiconductor Manufacturing InternationalCorporation displayed its 28 Nano chips, a hi-tech product up to the international leading level, which is to go into batch production; the Beijing Oriental Electronics displayed its 110 inch TV, seeking integrated development in Hefei, Chengdu, Chongqing, Ordos, and Fuzhou, and has achieves five “first” in the world in terms of gross margin, smart phones and tablet PC market share, IT/TV high-end products market share, annual increase in new patent applications, and world coverage of product premiere coverage.

More than 140 enterprises in Zhongguancun exhibited their 500-plus new technologies, new products and new services. Their exhibition was composed of eight zones: intelligent hardware, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent interconnection, ambient intelligence, WIT120, smart agricultureandsmarter life.

 (II)Wisdom Economy Showing the Road Map for Economic Structure to Become Hi-Tech and Sophisticated

The CHITEC has, since its commencement, been the barometer of China’s industrial development. The 18thCHITEC shows the trend that China’s manufacturing industry is rapidly becoming digital, intelligent, decentralized, service-oriented and personalized.

Smart agriculture, ambient intelligence, intelligent transportation, WIT120, and smarter life combine to portrait a blueprint for the construction of a wisdom world supported by the cloud computing, big data, and the Internet.

As a representative of the intelligent manufacturing, UAV(unmanned aerial vehicle) and robotswere eye-catching stars. China enjoys independent intellectual property right in the exhibited UAVs, including autonomous hovering UAV, high altitude unmanned helicopter, medium and low altitude fixed wing UAV, and small and lightweight four rotor vertical take-off and landing UAV. Obviously, China has a good head start in the development of civilian UAVs. Also exhibited were a galaxy of robots, including industrial robots, such as one which is good enough to be able to detect 600 spare parts with a diameter of 1.5 mm per minute. The CHITEC also exhibited brain controlled wheelchairs, brain controlled helmets, eye controlled smart glasses, eye control instruments, all eyes and other smart products.

With the development of Internet, Biometric Identification Technology becomes much favored. During the CHITEC, one was amazed to find he/she was able to pay in one or two minutes as long as he/she had his/her face scanned in front of a robot installed at Alibaba pavilion. This, combined with palmprint recognition, handwriting recognition and iris recognition, will change the traditional way of identification.

Forums were also held to discuss the development of emerging industries of China. They discussed how China’s manufacturing industry is becomingintelligent, service-oriented, personalized, and decentralized development, how to handle the relations between the government and the market, between innovation and introduction, and how to work to catch up with and surpass the world advanced level and make breakthroughs. They also discussed how Siemens and other representative software suppliers successfully effect changes from traditional software business to cloud computing applications, big data, Internet of Things, and Internet for service industries.

 (III)‘Internet +’ Provides with Unlimited Imagination Space for Industrial Transformation and Upgrading

What does "Internet +" mean? What does “+” mean? During the CHITEC, Internet giants answered these questions bringing along with themselves cloud computing, big data, andInternet of Things. It was the first time for Tencent and Alibaba to attend the CHITEC together with hi-tech businesses, impressing visitors with their Internet entrance and cloud models. The Alibaba Group exhibited under the theme of "Internet +: From IT to DT”;“Cun Taobao” put forward four strategies for rural areas and its investment plan for the three to five years to come, which show the impact Internet exerts on the farmers and the rural economy; “Ali Intelligent Life” showed “smart kitchen” capable of doing “cloud cooking” – the use of Yun OS 3.0 smart phone makes it all possible for Internet businesses to seek development of the smart equipment.The “WeChat Smart Life Hall” of the Tencent WeChat Payment exhibited its scheme “WeChat public number+ WeChat Payment” that covers a score of business fields including hospitals, hotels, retail stores, department stores, restaurants, ticketing, express delivery, universities, business and people's livelihood in various cities in China. TransWiseway’s “Internet+” solution - “Car 95115 Cloud Service Platform” – outlined a brand-new logistic ecosystem.Smart Cloud platform,which has been connected to more than 2 million sets of home and wearable devices, provides some 100 intelligent hardware developers with services related to software upgrading, statistical analysis, data security and remote management. Innovative businesses represented by Megvii and Izptec come up with the "smart" and "ability"solution, showing a more optimistic picture of the role of Internet with its smart ability.

Also outside the exhibition hall the 18thCHITEC, the China Emerging Industry Development Forum was held. It discussed on the advancement and deficiency of China's Internet thinking and business model, and probed into the impact of “Internet +” on industrial restructuring and development, highlighting the fact that Internet service is moving from the fields of consumer retail industry to various other industrial sectors.

One of the salient features of the 18th CHITEC is the effort made by the organizers and various professional institutions to createthe "Internet + CHITEC" which is geared to give full play to the role of CHITECcommunication resources and channels to create a new information communication pattern andto change the situation in which massive information won’t be spread until five days later. Professional text, picture and video collecting teamsand new media group joined hands with exhibitors  and reporters to build a new, highly efficient propagation platform for exhibitors and mass media through high definition giant screen, high quality WiFi and big data analysis platform, as well as official WeChat, icroblogging, Client.

(IV)More Young People Born in the 1990s Encouraged to Create Their Own Businesses

During the 18th CHITEC, many young makers organized their own groups to attend the Expo. In Hall 2laid out the Zhongguancun Inno Way lined with hi-tech businesses, such as Makers, AAMA(Asia America Multi-technology Association), Enlightenment and many other innovation incubator of new form; they have their own stories to tell. During the Zhongguancun Makers activities, young budding entrepreneurs explained the road they take and the dream they cherish.

In the Exhibition Area of Science and Technology Innovation Achievements of the Young Pioneers exhibited 17 innovation projects of the young. Among all these exhibitors, about 80%are run by “young pioneers” born in the post- 80s period, even with three young leaders born in the post-90s period. The "spirit bird" test machine with the maximum flight speed of up to 100 meters/second was designed, manufactured, assembled and debugged entirely by seven core members, six of whom are young people born in the post- 80 period. The Descaling Instrument for Environment Protection, paperless preschool education technology, WeChat interactive advertising device and other cutting-edge products show how science and technology have moved into the lives of ordinary people. “New" yet "small" enterprises attending the 18th CHITEC are indicating the future of the Chinese economy.

At the Zhongguancun Innovation and EntrepreneurshipForum, dozens of experts and representatives fromgovernment departments, social organizations, well-known enterprises, and entrepreneurial teamsdelivered speeches and hold discussions on the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.A number of topics attracted attention, such ashistorical comparison on different waves of innovation and entrepreneurship since China’s reforming and opening, causes, significance, conditions and focus of the current round of invocation and entrepreneurship, the current situation, status and supporting environment of the invocation and entrepreneurship in Zhongguancun,replacement of industrial chains and industrial production bases by creative communities and ecosphere, causes, connotations and features of Zhongchuang, and intellectural property rights being the core issueof the innovation and entrepreneurship.

 (IV)Ecological Reconstruction Period Looms: Fast Progress of China’s Ecological Technologyas Seen in the 18thCHITEC

The CHITEC showed that the change of technical ideas by enterprises is guiding technology to development towards ecologicalization. Cases in point include air pollution control, wastes processing, comprehensive utilization of water resources, ecological restoration, energy efficient technologies, new energy cars of the Beijing Automobile Group and Chery EQ electric vehicles.The fact that more green technologies, green products and green services that appeared in the 18th CHITEC show that China is working on fast improvement of its eco-environment.


Huajian’s low-carbon intelligent air treatment system and low-carbon building industrialization technology help reduce energy consumption and wastes discharges of public buildings by 90 percent, thus blazing a new trail in energy saving, low energy consumptionfor China. The CECEP Valeen Green Building Technology Co.,Ltdworks for existing buildings by providing energy saving reconstruction and integrated service, helping improve the energy use efficiency by more than 30 percent. Beijing Whole WinMaterials Sci. &Tech works to build smart power grid and energy Internet, promoting large-scale efficient consumption of hydrogen energy and other renewable energy. The plasma catalytic oxidation purification device of gas generated by waste incinerationand dissociation, invented by Guangyao Environmental,pioneered the effort to treat rural garbage at a very low cost and with high technology and efficiency advantages. The organic waste hydrolysis treatment processing technology developed by HYTEC Group is expected to directly promote development of global market with a value to the tune of 1,600 million Yuan. Sound Group introduced the concept of “Internet+” to the field of environmental protection, guiding the environment sanitation management to a brand new course with its  smart environmental sanitation management system. The shallow geothermal energy exploitation technology of the Ever Source Science & Technology Development Group Co., Ltd created a new mode for buildings heating. The SPC-3D technology developed by SPC boasts a dust removal rate of over 90 percent. Tellhow’s air cleaning system the “city oxygen bar” achieves an air purification rate of 99.9 percent. The Kemei light weight stone insulation boardindependently developed by Xinyang Kemei New Material Company Limited overcomestechnological problems tormenting the world and fills in the blank at home and abroad, meeting international advanced level.

 (VI)Outstanding Companies Showing aNew Foreign Trade Situation

The 18thCHITEC exhibited new products and services that are in the leadworldwide. The China National Nuclear Corporation’s third-generation nuclear power brand Hualong One has been put into operation. The Ninebot’s self-balancingvehicle enjoys good sales in more than 60 countries and regions, becoming a leading brand in its field in the world.The Tiertime’s3D printer is a flagship printer in the world, with consumers found in more than 40 countries and regions. The IzptecGroup has big data platforms in 89 counties and regions. And Beijing Global Safety Technology Co., Ltdhas established national safety systems for many countries in the world.

The 18th CHITEC received positive attention of the domestic and international technology and economic circles, business circles and government departments. Managing director and Chief Economist of the Institute of International Finance Collins, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Academician and Environment Engineering Expert Hao Jiming, and Tsinghua Holdings Co., Ltd.’s Chairman Xu Jinghong all made keynote speeches of"China's New Normal and Global Economy", "Prevention and Control of Atmospheric PM2.5 Pollution in China: Progress and Prospects”, ‘Build an Eco-system Friendly to Science andTechnology Entreprises", respectively. Their speeches received warm response. During the 18th CHITEC, some 240,000 people attended various activities. In particular, more than 230,000 people visited the Exhibition,3,500 business people from home and abroad attended eight promotion seminars, and 217 noted people spoke to 5,100people at seven forums.Altogether, overseas participantsfrom four international organizations and 25 countries and regions, and delegates from 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government attended the 18th CHITEC.

The 19th CHITEC will be held in Beijing from May 18-22, 2016.

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