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CCPIT Beijing Held Expert Symposium on Innovative Development of Trade Promotion

2022-10-17 10:38:25

CCPIT Beijing held an expert symposium on innovative development of trade promotion in Beijing in order to analyze current stage of foreign trade , and collect suggestions on how trade promotion agencies can better fulfill their duties and missions in the new era and how to advance the open economy in Beijing to a higher level. The symposium was chaired by Guo Huaigang, Chairman of CCPIT Beijing, with participation of CCPIT’s leadership and heads of departments.

Based on their research spectrum and expertise, experts and scholars from the International Market Research Institute of Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation of Ministry of Commerce, the University of International Business and Economics, Beijing International Peace Culture Foundation, PwC, ANBOUND, and the editorial department of China Investment Promotion, gave constructive comments and suggestions about think tank construction, digital empowerment, activity platform, service for governments and enterprises, network expansion and team building, to explore the approaches to strengthening innovation in trade promotion in Beijing and serving Beijing’s high-level opening up through promotion of international trade and investment.

Guo Huaigang highly recognized the value of the comments and suggestions proposed by experts and scholars, noting that those high-level suggestions, proposed based on experts’ full preparation and in-depth research, will well guide the daily work as they are not only of theoretical significance, but also built upon actual situations. He stressed two points in promoting the development of trade promotion. First, trade promotion agencies shall share common goals and stay united, to turn experts’ insights into innovative ideas, concrete measures, and practical output. Second, measures shall be taken to gather ideas and strength of all sectors of the society, establish a regular communication mechanism, push ahead with the innovation in trade promotion in cooperation with different stakeholders, and contribute to a higher-level opening up in Beijing.

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