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The 24th China Beijing International High-tech Expo to kick off on September 24

2021-8-18 14:37:29

The 24th China Beijing International High-tech Expo (hereinafter referred to as the 24th CHITEC), co-sponsored by China's Ministry of Science and Technology, China National Intellectual Property Administration, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), and the People's Government of Beijing Municipality and undertaken by CCPIT Beijing, will take place from September 24 to 28, 2021 in Beijing. To serve the national strategy of innovation-driven development and the goal of building international sci-tech innovation center, the 24th CHITEC will echo the theme of the 2021 ZGC Forum, giving local and international visitors an impressive experience of China's sci-tech excellence, especially the sci-tech innovations during the 13th Five-year Plan (FYP) period from 2016-2020. The event will help micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) connect with the capital market, facilitate the mobility and application of sci-tech resources, and promote strategic cooperation.

As the exhibition section of the 2021 ZGC Forum, the 24th CHITEC strives for a combination of online and offline exhibition. The latter one covering an area of 15,000 m2 will last for 5 days in a temporary hall on the west of Haidian Park Road. There will be a total of 5 sections and about 300 exhibitors. The former one will feature regular online displays on the ZGC Forum e-portal, CHITEC official website, CHITEC official mobile app, and other platforms to introduce some of the best companies and products and provide business and cooperation opportunities, thus building a never-ending CHITEC.

Currently, various activities are being prepared in an orderly manner. Compared with the past, the 24th CHITEC features One Focus and Three Highlights.

It focuses on the theme "Intelligence, Health, Carbon Neutrality" of the 2021 ZGC Forum.

The exhibition area will cover sections of smart technology, great health, science and technologies of Winter Olympics, carbon neutrality, and sci-tech innovations of provinces, autonomous regions and provincial level cities. To be specific, the Smart Technology Exhibition will invite leading industrial players, together with their cutting-edge innovations, to promote industrial digitization and digital industrialization. The Great Health Exhibition will present the latest biomedical technologies and traditional Chinese medicine developments, smart health-care solutions, and new wearable products to promote in-depth upstream and downstream integration along the industrial chain, thus strengthening the sustainable development of the health-care industry. Organized under the leadership of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Winter Olympics Exhibition will showcase state-level high & new technologies, innovative solutions, exemplary projects, winter sport popularization of the sport industry that help ensure the success of the Winter Olympics. The Carbon Neutrality Exhibition will reveal the latest achievements in efficient energy use, renewable energy, novel power systems, pollution and carbon reduction, and green manufacturing. The Sci-tech Innovation Exhibition will display sci-tech innovations of provinces, autonomous regions and provincial level cities to attract investment and explore strategic cooperation.

It highlights the achievements during the 13th FYP period.

Science and technologies have played quite a role in promoting China’s economic and social progress and guiding high-quality national development during the 13th FYP period. The 24th CHITEC will enable visitors to gain an understanding of the achievements of building Beijing into an international sci-tech innovation center by presenting new technologies, new products and their new applications in diverse models and scenarios. For example, the Sci-tech in Culture Exhibition will explain how recreational and cultural activities would be changed by the 5G evolution; the Model City of Digital Economy Exhibition will highlight digital technology innovations and help foster data-driven industries of the future.

It highlights the development of MSMEs.

The 24th CHITEC is not only designed for high-end sci-tech industries, but also for MSMEs to showcase their innovative development. The prize winners of the Zhongguancun International Frontier Technology Innovation Competition will bring along innovative and disruptive solutions, especially in big data, AI, smart city, and other cutting-edge areas. More successful MSMEs will be directed to the Expo through online platforms to promote business cooperation among enterprises in and out of Beijing. The Expo will set up a direct communication channel that makes information sharing, resource sharing, and market sharing possible.

It highlights interactive activities. 

The 24th CHITEC will unlock full-blown immersive and interactive experiences through indoor and outdoor sci-tech shows and activities. The visitors can tour the Expo site and further explore it by attending live performances, games, and activities. They can also get an access to the latest sci-tech applications that are being unveiled for the first time through VR, smart TV games, etc., and indulge in such a captivating event of science and technology.

The event will also feature over 10 promotional sessions with the purpose to attract global investors and explore cooperation opportunities, including carbon neutrality promotion and trade fair, sci-tech venture CTOs exchange meeting, sci-tech achievements and investment & financing opportunities promotion fair, digital transformation and high-quality development promotion fair, etc.

We would like to sincerely invite sci-tech experts, scholars, enterprises and institutions, especially leading international enterprises and international organizations committed to the field of intelligence, health and carbon neutrality, to the Expo. We will provide every guest with the best possible experience.


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