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General Plan for The 18th China Beijing International High-Tech Expo(CHITEC)

2015-3-25 9:26:28

Ⅰ. Date

May 12 (Tuesday) to May 17 (Sunday), 2015

Ⅱ. Venue

Main Exhibition Area: China International Exhibition Center ( Old Center)

Main Convention Center: the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Auditorium

Ⅲ. Theme

Guiding scientific & technological innovation& promoting industrial progresses

Ⅳ. Activities

Developing closely around the theme, this year’s CHITEC vigorously adapts itself to the economic new normal, shedding light on frontier technologies, national innovation strategies, and hotspot issues concerning people’s livelihood. In line with the global technological trend and the guiding role of Beijing as the center of technologies, CHITEC displays the most excellent achievements of the world, exchanges new thoughts on scientific and technological innovations, continuously deepens international cooperation among administrative authorities, businesses, universities and research institutions, promotes commercialization of major research deliverables and speeds up quality and efficiency improvement of high-tech industries through well designed comprehensive activities, exhibitions, forums, business talks and e-exhibitions.

 (Ⅰ) Comprehensive activities

Such activities mainly include, among others, themed symposiums, receptions of overseas distinguished guests by our leaders, meetings between leaders from Beijing Municipal Government and provincial/regional/municipal delegations, and visits paid by leaders to the exhibitions.

The planed schedule is as follows.

On the afternoon of May 12 (Tuesday): The themed symposium, reception of overseas distinguished participants of the 18th CHITEC by our leaders, meeting between leaders from Beijing Municipal Government and provincial/regional/municipal delegations and other activities will be held in the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Auditorium.

On the afternoon of May 13 (Wednesday): Leaders will be invited to the exhibitions.

 (Ⅱ) Exhibitions

1. Smart Beijing and Applied Innovative IT Achievements Exhibition

2. Consumer Electronic Products & Information Technology Exhibition

3. Zhongguancun Scientific & Technological Innovation Exhibition

4. Aeronautic and Astronautic Technology Exhibition

5. Energy Technology and Energy-saving & Emission-reduction Technology Exhibition

6. Automobile Technology and New Energy Technology Exhibition

7. Circular Economy and Green Technology Exhibition

8. Technology & Tourism Integration Exhibition

9. Robot Technology and Achievement Exhibition

10. Provincial/Regional/Municipal Scientific & Technological Innovation and Achievement Trade Fair

11. Youth Scientific & Technological Innovation Exhibition

12. Science and Technology Park Innovation Exhibition

13. International High and New Technology Exhibition

14. High-tech Job Fair

 (Ⅲ) Business talks

1. Presentation of Scientific & Technological Achievements and Business Cooperation Programs

2. Investment and Financing Cooperation Fair for Scientific & Technological Programs

3. Presentation of Testing Equipment Validation and Comprehensive Evaluation Services

4. Circular Economy Seminar - Energy Saving Technology Project Presentation

5. Interregional Collaborative Development Seminar – “One Belt and One Road” Cooperation Program Presentation

6. Signing Ceremony for Scientific & Technological Cooperation Projects

7. Hunan (Beijing) High & New Tech Presentation and Investment Fair

8. Presentation and Negotiation of Key Programs of Provincial/Regional/Municipal Delegations

9. Financing Project Fair for Beijing Jingxi Technology Enterprises

10 Asian-European Small and Middle Enterprises Matchmaking Meeting  

 (Ⅳ) Forums

1. China Financial Forum

2. China Energy Strategy Forum

3. China Circular Economy Development Forum

4. Zhongguancun Innovation Forum

5. Scientific & Technological Innovation and Urban Development Forum

6. China Emerging Industry Development Forum

7. 2015 Smart City Forum

8. The 9th International Service Trade Forum

 (Ⅴ) E-exhibition

Every day, the CHITEC official website, ECCPITBJ public business and trade information platform (, CHITEC official mobile app, famous websites and other new forms of media introduce provincial/regional/municipal programs for business and investment attraction, display 360°on-line stands, present excellent companies and products, and facilitate on-line business match-up, so as to create a CHITEC that never reaches an end.  

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