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The Meeting of International Business Leaders Advisory Council for the Mayor of Beijing

2022-11-10 16:45:50

The Meeting of International Business Leaders Advisory Council for the Mayor of Beijing (IBLAC) was initiated in 1999, with its council members comprising the top decision-makers of the world’s well-known multinational corporations. The first six meetings of IBLAC were convened annually and later biennially since 2004. The central topics for each meeting are determined according to the major issues concerning Beijing’s economic and social development. International entrepreneurs are invited to discuss over these issues and put forward constructive ideas and suggestions. Currently, IBLAC has 33 members from 33 famous multinational corporations in 18 different industries and 11 countries and regions.

The establishment of IBLAC marks a major step taken by the Beijing Municipality to draw upon the advanced international experience, further deepen the reforms, and open wider to the outside world; it has also created the conditions for multinational corporations to further understand the city of Beijing, expand their cooperation and exchanges with Beijing, and ultimately achieve common development.

As China’s capital city, Beijing is the national political, cultural and international exchange center. The economy of Beijing shall be based on the city itself, serving the entire country and face the whole world; with hi-tech as the core, the economy of Beijing shall be technology-intensive, highly open, resource-saving and environmental-friendly with an optimized structure and rational layout; the economy of Beijing shall also fully tap the domestic and international resources and markets while being geared to the international rules in terms of its operation. Whether it is in strengthening the urban construction or developing the capital’s economy and accelerating the development of hi-tech industries, Beijing has obtained and needs the continuous cooperation and support from the international community, particularly from world-known entrepreneurs with strong competence and rich experience in the operation of international markets and enterprise management; Beijing is also an ideal place for multinational corporations to pursue their development in China. It is based on such common understanding of mutual benefits and common development that IBLAC is established and has witnessed quick and active responses from various internationally known entrepreneurs who have long been concerned about and supporting the modernization drive of Beijing.  

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