The 11th ICCIE to be Held from Oct. 27 to 30 in Beijing

2016-10-27 10:12:10

The 11th ICCIE to be Held from Oct. 27 to 30 in Beijing

The 11th China Beijing International Cultural & Creative Industry Exposition (ICCIE), embracing the theme “stimulating cultural vitality and leading industrial innovation”, will be held in Beijing through October 27 to 30, 2016.

The 11th ICCIE will evolve around the concept of “innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development”, advocating national development strategies, leading an exemplary role in industrial innovation, spurring creative transformation and innovative development of China’s advantageous traditional culture, facilitating comprehensive, special and regional cultural product trading, and realizing high-end and mainstream development of China’s excellent cultural products on the global market.

This year’s ICCIE will feature comprehensive events, exhibitions, business promotion & trading, forums & conferences, creative activities and panels. With an aim “to publicize and guide, to showcase the achievements of Beijing’s cultural &creative industry, to lead an exemplary role in industrial innovation, to carry forward excellent traditional culture, to build up a platform for regional collaboration, and to serve the overall interests of the nation in cultural opening-up”, the ICCIE will further stimulate cultural creativity, guide and expand cultural consumption, lead an exemplary role in optimizing and upgrading the industrial structures for innovative development and help Chinese culture go global.

Inaugurated in 2006 upon approval of the State Council, the ICCIE is a regular annual grand gathering of the international cultural and creative communities in Beijing. Hosted by the Ministry of Culture, the State General Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television and the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, and organized by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Beijing Sub-Council (CCPIT Beijing) under the support of China Cultural Industry Association and 28 bureaus (or departments, offices, commissions, committees and administrations) of Beijing, the ICCIE has been held successfully for ten years.

By virtue of the Capital’s favorable environment for cultural and creative industry and abundant resources for exhibitions and expositions, the ICCIE has defined a framework of “comprehensive events, exhibitions, business promotion & trading, forums & conferences, creative activities and panels” after a decade of continuous upgrades. It serves as a platform to pool together cultural resources, tap the potentials of culture and creativity, promote “culture + technology” fusion, lead the trend of cultural consumption, and bring cultural innovation to new heights. Authoritative and attractive, the ICCIE has built itself into a unique brand of huge significance on the national exhibition economy.

The ICCIE is where global cultural resources converge. It promises boundless originality and considerable industrial capacity for the broadest consumer market to open up. According to incomplete statistics, the previous ten sessions attracted 522 government and corporate delegations and 12,782 professionals from the UN, EU, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), International Olympic Committee (IOC), International Animated Film Association and some other international organizations as well as 90 countries and regions around the world. Also, delegations from 31 Chinese provinces, regions and municipalities (including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao) attended the ICCIE. In the past ten years, altogether 8.75 million visits were made to 1,095 events and shows organized within a total floor space of 1.74 million square meters. With a considerable scale, rich contents, extensive global participation and productive achievements, the ICCIE has met with a favorable reception through the domestic and international cultural and creative communities.


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