Zhang Gang Attends One Belt One Road Iran Investment Forum

2016-8-26 15:05:48

On the afternoon of August 17, Zhang Gang, deputy director of CCPIT Beijing Sub-council, attended the One Belt One& Road Iran Investment" Forum held at the Iranian Embassy in China, where he delivered a speech entitled "CCPIT Beijing Sub-council Facilitates China-Iran Economic and Trade Ties". "Iran enjoys a highly significant strategic position as it ideally sits at a nexus along the 'Belt & Road'. In recent years, China-Iran relations have witnessed healthy and steady development. CCPIT Beijing Sub-council has long been committed to facilitating foreign trade, two-way investment, and economic & technical cooperation. In the context of the Belt & Road Initiative, we will continue to serve as a bridge, make greater efforts to normalize bilateral economic and trade activities, and take China-Iran economic and trade ties up to a new level," Zhang Gang noted.

The Forum was graced and addressed by Ms. Zhao Baige, a member of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC) & deputy chairperson of the NPC Foreign Affairs Committee. Tayebniya (the Iranian minister of Economic Affairs and Finance), Khazaei (the Iranian vice minister of Economic Affairs and Finance), and Kashan (the Iranian vice minister of Road and Urban Development) delivered keynote speeches, elaborating on Iran's economy and potential, foreign investment and financing policies, investment opportunities in Iran's infrastructure, and China-Iran relations, among others. These speakers welcomed investments from Chinese firms.

Co-sponsored by CCPIT Beijing Sub-council, the Iranian Embassy in China, the Investment Promotion Agency of Ministry of Commerce (CIPA), etc., the Forum featured Iranian officials and experts sharing the dynamics in Iran's infrastructure, energy, real estate, insurance, and other sectors, in an effort to offer policy and statutory consultancy to help Chinese enterprises in going global.

Present in the Forum were 120-plus representatives from more than 60 companies, including China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, China Railway Construction Corporation Limited, China Railway Group Limited, China Communications Construction Company Limited, China Datang Corporation, China National Electric Engineering Co., Ltd., the Metallurgical Corporation of China Ltd., China Non-ferrous Metal Industry’s Foreign Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd., China Foma (Group) Co., Ltd, and Wuhan FiberHome International Technologies Co., Ltd.

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