News Briefing about the 10th China (Beijing) International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo

2015-10-28 11:02:53

News Briefing about the 10th China (Beijing)
International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo
October 21, 2015

By Yu Haibo, Deputy Director of the Organizing Committee Office of ICCIE and Vice Chairman of CCPIT Beijing Sub-Council

Friends from the media: Good afternoon!

The 10th China (Beijing) International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo (ICCIE), which is jointly hosted by the Ministry of Culture, General Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, and the Beijing Municipal People’s Government and organized by CCPIT Beijing Sub-Council, is to be held from October 29th to November 1st in Beijing. Now, entrusted by the Organizing Committee, I will give a brief introduction to friends and guests from the media present here about the main activities and preparations for the 10th ICCIE.

Inaugurated in 2006, the ICCIE, accompanying the development pace of China’s cultural and creative industries, has entered the tenth year. The ICCIE has become a great event of international cultural and creative industry that has wide influence in the international community, domestic governments at all levels, and sectors related to cultural and creative industry, and an iconic brand activity playing a leading and demonstrative role of the capital city as the cultural center, and promoting the construction of China into a cultural power. In the past ten years, the ICCIE focused on serving the national development strategy of the cultural industry, witnessed the process of China’s cultural and creative industry from the beginning to the cultivation to its rapid development, and promoted the high-end integration of global cultural resources, playing the platform effect of promoting the inheritance and innovation of excellent Chinese traditional culture, the growth of emerging modes of the cultural industry, the cross-sector integration of culture, science, technology and finance, the allocation of cultural market factors, and the cultivation and growth of cultural and creative talents. The previous nine sessions of the ICCIE attracted more than 300 government agencies, industrial organizations and international organizations as well as nearly 10,000 domestic and foreign cultural and creative enterprises and over 1,000 well-known experts and scholars from cultural and creative industries and senior government officials to take part in the ICCIE exhibition and other activities. The contractual value of agreements signed during the past 9 sessions of the ICCIE reached 589.8 billion RMB yuan.

This year is an important period that marks the ending of the “12th Five-year Plan” and the launching of the “13th Five-year Plan” of our country. The up-coming 10th ICCIE will be a grand parade and a new aggregation of China’s cultural and creative industries in the period of important strategic opportunities. Taking “Driving Cultural Prosperity to Promote Integrated Innovation” as its theme, the current ICCIE will focus on displaying the latest achievements of China’s reform of the cultural system and cultural innovation under the new normal of China’s economic development, the development trend of emerging industrial modes embodying the cross-sector fusion of culture and science and technology, cultural and creation, culture and finance, culture and tourism, and culture and sports. It will conduct in-depth study of the new ideas, new paths, and new modes of the development of China’s cultural and creative industries under the new normal. It will strengthen its function as the market platform that gathers together the industrial factors and integrates and optimizes the industrial resources, so as to promote the project landing for cultural and creative industries and cultural trade, and boost the transformation and upgrading of cultural industries.


1. Overall Arrangement of Activities

The 10th ICCIE will hold more than 100 activities, covering six series of comprehensive activities, exhibitions, trade promotions, forums and conferences, creative activities, and sub-venue activities. It will continue to build an official platform for Internet display.

Comprehensive Activities: On the opening day, the current ICCIE will hold a key-note speech session at Beijing’s Tiantai Hotel. On the afternoon of October 30th, it will hold the “promotion and contract signing ceremony for Beijing’s key projects in cultural and creative industries” at Beijing Landmark Tower.

Exhibitions: The main venue for the exhibitions of the current ICCIE is still located at China International Exhibition Center (the original site) with a total area of 55,000 square meters. It will set up 16 thematic pavilions, including press, publication, radio, film and television; arts and crafts; quality products of cultural creation from Taiwan; antiquities and museum-related cultural and creative products; creative industries cluster zones; cultural tourist resorts and commodities; creative design; sports industry; young people’s cultural creation; creative gifts and art trading; international cultural creation; integration of culture and economy; the Beijing culture; cultural and creative industries of various provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities; review of ICCIE in the past ten years; and city sculptures.

Trade Promotions: The current ICCIE will further strengthen its transaction function to hold dozens of specialized trade promotion activities around 15 themes. These include: the publishing of series of indices of China’s cultural industry; Promotion of Animation Game Industrial Projects; International Cooperation Projects Promotion and Exchange for Chinese Cultural Enterprises to “Go Global”; Promotion of Cross-Strait Trade Opportunities in Cultural and Creative Industries; Project Signing and Brand Promotion Activities in Cultural and Financial Innovation; Promotion of Foreign Cultural Trade Policies and Enterprises; Promotion of Cultural and Creative Industries Cluster Zone Projects; Promotion of Cultural and Creative Industry Projects and Cooperation in Resource Development; Promotion of Beijing’s 2015 Cooperative Projects of Integrated Cultural Development; Promotion of Beijing Cultural and Creative Industry Investment and Financing Projects; Promotion of Chinese Gifts; Beijing International Exhibition Fair for Audio Equipment; Recruitment Fair for Cultural and Creative Talents; Beijing series of events in the auction season; and series of cultural and creative industry project promotions by various provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.

Forums and Conferences: The current ICCIE will continue to adhere to the principle of professional forums. The four specialized forums are: International Forum on the Development of Film Industry; Beijing International Copyright Conference; International Seminar on Museums and the Development of Cultural and Creative Industries; and International Forum on the Development of Animation Games. Authoritative personnel from international organizations and government departments as well as influential experts, scholars and entrepreneurs in related industries will conduct face to face communication and discussion with the participants around such issues as “Internet literature and China’s film industry”, “the trend of integrated development of the animation game industry in the ‘Internet+’ era”, and “Seminar on museums and the development and exchange in cultural creation cum the innovative development of museums”.

Creative Activities: The current ICCIE will strive to promote the culture of original creation, fostering a creative environment. The 10 sessions of creative activities include: Huali Award of “China Gifts” Design Competition; China Red Star Award for Innovative Design; Poetic China—Mid-Autumn International Original Poetry Event at China Millennium Monument; China 3D Technology and Innovation Festival; Arts and Crafts Innovative Design Competition; the Capital of Design—the Design Tour; Beijing College Students’ Creativity Fair; Beijing Teenage Cultural Creativity Festival; Beijing New Rural Youth Creative Design Competition; International Seminar on Copyright Innovation Service, etc.

Sub-Venue Activities: The current ICCIE will continue to set up sub-venues at convention and exhibition centers throughout Beijing and will set up a sub-venue outside Beijing. Its 16 sub-venues cover a total floor space of 190,000 square meters. Among them, the 8 specialized sub-venues are: the 13th China International Expo of Internet Culture, 2015 Beijing·International Expo of Chinese Cultural Relics, the 11th Anniversary Exhibition of China Realist School Paintings, the Guardian·Fine Art Asia Antique Art Week, Taihu International Book Fair, Beijing Comic Animation Carnival, China International Expo of Enterprises’ Brand Culture, and 2015 Beijing International Exhibition of Contemporary Metal Art and Jewelry Design. The 7 sub-venues distributed in various districts and counties of Beijing will hold more than 40 events in Xicheng, Haidian, Chaoyang, Fengtai, Fangshan, Shunyi, and Daxing. The sub-venue outside Beijing is set up in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province.


2. Main Characteristics

Compared with previous sessions, the current ICCIE has a prominent and bright theme to serve the national development strategy, inherit the excellent traditional culture, promote the industrial mode of cross-sector integration, stimulate creative innovation and entrepreneurship, usher in the upgrading of cultural consumption, promote cultural trade, and push international exchange. It highlights six characteristics.

1) Gathering cultural products highlighting inheritance and innovation to promote the excellent Chinese traditional culture

The current ICCIE assembles original local Chinese cultural products to inherit the excellent Chinese traditional culture. The pavilion of arts and crafts at the main venue of exhibition brings together nearly 3,000 pieces of quality arts and crafts works in such categories as sculpture, embroidery and ceramics. Among them, the excellent award-winning items from 2015 “Arts and Crafts Cup” Beijing Arts and Crafts Innovative Design Competition will make their appearance at the ICCIE for the first time. A number of excellent works by national arts and crafts masters such as “Circular Fan with blossoming peony”, “Flowers symbolizing wealth”, “The ancient charm of blue and white porcelain”, “The landscape”, etc. will be put on display in a concentrated manner. The perfect combination of traditional filigree and modern mosaic art and the fusion of oriental blue and white porcelain and the Western dress will present an amazing scene. The pavilion of tourism will hold a “combined show for famous time-honored brands” for the first time. Such enterprises with famous time-honored brands as Shanglv, Wuyutai, Zhangyiyuan, Tongrentang, Refosian, Rongbaozhai, etc. will make appearance to showcase their achievements of inheritance and innovation in a concentrated manner to promote excellent Chinese traditional culture.

At the current ICCIE, Xinjiang will launch a number of newly-created theatrical works such as “One Thousand Chapters of the Western Regions” and “In his Songs”. Qinghai will carry 6,000 traditional cultural products with rich local characteristics in 8 categories including Thang-ga, artistic tapestry, cloisonné painting, peach blossom jade carving, etc. to the ICCIE. State-level intangible cultural heritage inheritors, provincial arts and crafts masters, and folk artisans of arts and crafts will demonstrate their traditional techniques of hand-painted Thang-ga, silver crafts, and piled embroidery on site. The Yangzhou sub-venue will highlight such new products of inheritance and innovation with distinctive local characteristics as paper cut, woodblock printing, and the “Three Knives of Yangzhou”. Chongqing has selected a number of special cultural brands such as Yes’M Autumn linen and Liangping bamboo curtain to participate in the ICCIE exhibition. Among them, there are such national intangible cultural heritage products as Liangping bamboo curtain, Rongchang folding fan and Rongchang’s Xiachang pottery, as well as the Youzhou Miao embroidery that won the Grand Master Award of 2015 “China’s Original 100 Flowers Cup”. The Yes’M Autumn linen shows a perfect fusion of the ancient linen and the traditional craft with modern art style and cultural symbols added, developing the excellent Chinese traditional culture to the acme.

2) Highlighting the emerging industrial mode of “Culture+” to create a new engine for industrial integration

At the current ICCIE, the new products and new industrial formats that feature the in-depth integration of culture with science and technology, with tourism, with sports, and with creation will be highlighted. Around the theme of integrated innovation, on such platforms of exhibitions, trade promotions, forums and conferences, the ICCIE will promote the integrated development of the cultural industry with such key areas as high-end manufacturing, construction, commercial services, information industry, tourism and sports. At the main venue of exhibition, the Anhui Hall will, taking the integrated development of culture with tourism as the main line, give a comprehensive show of southern Anhui international tourism demonstration area. The antiquities and museums pavilion will make efforts to present an exhibition of “cultural relics and science and technology”, uniting high-tech enterprises from Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, and Hangzhou to highlight the new industrial format for the development of museum science and technology and cultural innovation. Highlighting the new format of “Internet+” online sports cultural industry, the sports pavilion will focus on displaying ice and snow entertainment projects and facilities with technological innovation, as well as the new achievements of industrial integration such as high-tech ice and snow sports, ice and snow entertainment tourist projects, and theme parks of ice and snow sports. The pavilion of press, publication, radio, film and television will set up an exhibition of Internet literature and art for the first time. China Reading Ltd., which owns a powerful original brand matrix of Chinese digital reading, and such famous enterprises as YNet, Sea of Music, Teana K Song, Hinabook, Lan Hai Media and Huayunshande will make their overall appearance, concentrating on publicizing and promoting a number of popular network works to seek cooperation in film and television series. International Forum on the Development of Animation Games and International Seminar on Museums and the Development of Cultural and Creative Industries will explore and exchange the new trends of integrated industrial development to lead the integrated development of cultural and creative industries.

Beijing will highlight the new features and trends of the integrated development of cultural industries. Chaoyang District will, from such aspects as the integrated development of culture with finance, science and technology, and commerce, organize a number of representative parks, enterprises and functional projects to join in the ICCIE exhibition. Dongcheng District will specially set up a “Culture+” experience area to showcase the latest achievements in integrated industrial development featuring “culture + science and technology”, “culture + sports”, and “culture + finance”. It will also launch investment contract signing activities of 2015 “Culture+” Entrepreneurship Competition. Shijingshan District will, taking “integration between culture and science, technology and finance” as the theme, highlight the new results, new technologies and new products of the development of cultural and creative industries. Such trade promotion activities as Promotion of Cultural and Creative Industry Projects and Cooperation in Resource Development and Promotion of Beijing’s 2015 Cooperative Projects of Integrated Cultural Development will focus on the cultivation of new industrial formats, striving to bring about such features as “culture + science and technology”, “culture + finance”, “culture + trade”, and “culture + tourism”, so as to help with the integrated development of culture and promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry.

3) “Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei” and “One Belt One Road” becoming the bright spots to highlight the new patterns of coordinated regional cultural development

The resources of cultural creation from Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei will make their concentrated appearance at the ICCIE to show the new projects and new business opportunities in coordinated regional development of the cultural industry. The pavilion of Beijing culture, using the performing art and artistic works as the main content, will collect quality resources of the three places of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei to focus on the joint display of related projects and achievements in cultural creation. At the pavilion of antiquities and museums, the Palace Museum, in collaboration with museums in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei such as the Capital Museum, the Museum of Xizhou Yandu Site, Tianjin Museum, Hebei Museum, Langfang Museum, and Zhuozhou Museum, will showcase the development pattern of cultural museums and the achievements of studying the regional ancient culture, which features “regional integration with the same cultural vein”. It will also hold the launching ceremony of “Research into the ancient culture of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei region”, which will take the culture of the ancient Yan Kingdom as the main line to carry out study of Yan culture, explore the historical cultural resources of these three places, and promote the coordinated development of the regional culture. The Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Alliance of the Design Industry, and the Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Alliance for the Development of Cluster Zones of Cultural and Creative Industries, which will make their appearance at the ICCIE for the first time, will focus on displaying the excellent cluster zones and key enterprises of cultural and creative industry in these three places, explore the united development model of cultural and creative industry, and introduce the resources and environment of cultural and creative industry in these places, so as to promote strategic cooperation and win-win development, and help with the transformation and upgrading of the regional cultural and creative industry.

The Xinjiang pavilion will, taking “the core of the Silk Road, the vitality of Xinjiang” as the theme, highlight the geo-cultural advantages of Xinjiang as the “core area of the Silk Road Economic Belt”, focusing on showcasing its foreign cultural trade enterprises and the cultural and creative products and national arts and crafts of the five Central Asian countries of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan which are adjacent to Xinjiang along the Silk Road, demonstrating the role of Xinjiang as a region with enriched culture gathering talents along the Silk Road and a window for Chinese culture to “go global”.

4) Inspiring the vitality of mass entrepreneurship and innovation to lead the upgrading of cultural consumption

The current ICCIE, following the development of the times, will make great efforts to push youth innovation and entrepreneurship, inspire the vitality of mass entrepreneurship and innovation to promote cultural consumption. The pavilion of quality products of cultural creation from Taiwan will, for the first time, launch “Matsuyama School Day for Cultural Creation—Creative Youth Exchange Program”, highlighting the creative works by young students from Taiwan, which cover the three categories of “design for mass communication and new media”, “fashion and visual design”, and “space and landscape design”, whose works contain social issues and their reflections, showing the creative ability of Taiwan youth that cannot be underestimated. “The Professional Forum of Beijing and Taiwan Youth Designers” will focus on the innovation and entrepreneurship of the youth in these two places, inviting youth designers from Beijing and Taiwan to deliver keynote speeches, share their experience of innovation, and launch professional exchanges and project docking and cooperation. “Beijing Teenage Cultural Creativity Festival” will seek cultural and creative works and young talents of cultural creation, providing a display platform for the masses of teen agers. “The 5th Fair of the Creation by University Students of the Capital City” will collect original works by students from more than 40 universities in Beijing. Works by 40 students who won the title of creative stars will be on display to show their innovative style so as to inspire innovation, creation and entrepreneurship from young students.

The success of Beijing and Zhangjiakou’s joint bid for the winter Olympics has provided rare opportunities for the development of ice and snow sports in China. In order to promote the development of ice and snow sports and the formation of the new hot spots of sports consumption, the sports pavilion will, for the first time, launch an exhibition of ice and snow industry, which will focus on displaying ice simulation technology. On site, there will be professionals playing ice hockey in the skating area made by simulated ice, and the masses can wear protective clothing to feel and experience the charm of sports on ice. The event to release 2015 indices of China’s cultural industry will, taking “Internet + cultural consumption” as the theme, release “indices of China’s cultural consumption”, and conduct specialized discussion on the cultural consumption against the background of the Internet and the implementation of the pilot policy of stimulating cultural consumption by urban and rural residents.

5) Pushing the cooperation in industrial projects to promote the development of cultural trade

The current ICCIE will bring together more than 1,000 major industrial projects to invite investment from all over the world. Various provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities will bring projects of cultural and creative industry with rich regional characteristics and market prospects to participate in the ICCIE in a concentrated manner. Among them, the Shandong delegation will introduce a number of “Internet +”new media platform projects to help with the integrated transformation of the new media and the innovative development of the new formats of cultural industry. The Jilin delegation will launch Zhi He International Animation Industrial Park (Phase II) project, striving to build a platform for comprehensive, high-tech animation research and development and the transfer of technological achievements. The Qinghai delegation will highlight the “Museum of Wisdom” project by the Tibetan Culture Museum to promote the integration of culture and tourism so as to enhance visitors’ touring experience. The Chongqing delegation will highlight the scenic area project of 816 underground nuclear engineering to upgrade and create the first state-level scenic spot that “takes nuclear power as the theme, integrating the historical and cultural background of three-line construction with the effect of revolutionary education”. Yangzhou of Jiangsu will launch the Hanjiang demonstration base project of cultural and creative industry to invite investment both from home and abroad, seeking cooperation.

Eleven districts and counties of Beijing including Dongcheng, Xicheng, Chaoyang, Haidian, and Changping will bring dozens of cultural and creative industrial parks, cluster zones and major projects to the ICCIE exhibition. China’s first national experimentation zone of cultural industry, the national base project of international cultural trade, the national new media industrial base, the Bird’s Nest culture center, the Ming Tombs cultural and creative industry cluster area of historical culture, university students’ creative park, and Fun Capital Co. Ltd. will make concentrated appearance, displaying comprehensively the new image of high-end, clustering and functional development of cultural and creative industries to seek investment and cooperation both from home and abroad. The current ICCIE will also hold such activities as “Promotion of Foreign Cultural Trade Policies and Enterprises” to build a platform for cultural trade enterprises to encourage, support and guide them to develop international markets and foster a number of entities for international cultural market competition.

6) Enhancing the level of internationalization to expand the brand effect of ICCIE

The current ICCIE pays great attention to overseas participation, further enhancing its degree of internationalization. At International Cooperation Projects Promotion and Exchange for Chinese Cultural Enterprises to “Go Global”, representatives from foreign embassies in China, Chinese and foreign business associations and Chinese and foreign cultural enterprises will conduct discussions around the theme of “international development of China’s cultural industry against the background of globalization”. At this conference, such projects as Huayunshande International Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Blue Focus Media Group, Atlanta studios from the USA, the Kodaly Music Teaching Point of Beijing Hungarian Cultural Center, and the well-known French branded top skills and life art training will conduct promotions and exchanges to seek international cooperation. At the Guardian·Fine Art Asia Antique Art Week that has come to the ICCIE for the first time, more than 1,000 pieces of excellent antique works of art from France, Britain, and Italy will be shown in a concentrated manner, including works by such masters as Picasso, Miller and Monet. The current ICCIE will also hold a series of themed forums, guided art tours and other cultural activities, conducting in-depth explorations into the present Western art market situation and collision of ideas and concepts. Beijing International Exhibition of Contemporary Metal Art and Jewelry Design will invite famous designers from 24 countries including the United States, Holland, Finland, France, Germany, etc. to showcase a number of metal works of art that combine the world’s latest ideas and contemporary arts and crafts and fashion design, showing the mainstream value and aesthetic orientation of contemporary art, and promoting the integrated development of Chinese and foreign cultures.

At the same time, the ICCIE Organizing Committee Office, availing itself of the opportunity of ten years of the ICCIE, will hold a series of activities of “Ten Years of the ICCIE”. Taking witnessing the ten years of development of China’s cultural and creative industries as the main line, it will hold the review of “ICCIE in the past ten years” exhibition. In cooperation with the Xinhua News Agency, it will hold such activities as dialog on the development of cultural and creative industries and themed news release, focusing on reviewing and showing the development process and great achievements of China’s cultural and creative industries in the past ten years, so as to enhance the brand influence of ICCIE.


Friends from the news media, today it is 8 days from the opening of the 10th ICCIE. At present, the preparatory work has entered the final phase of implementation. There will be 3 international organizations and more than 30 overseas delegations from 12 countries and regions including Russia, Hungary, Iran, Egypt, Argentina, Australia, South Korea, and India participating. More than 20 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and cities separately designated in the state plan will organize delegations composed of people from both the government and the cultural industry sector to participate. Among them, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Anhui, Guangxi, Sichuan, Guizhou, Tibet, Qinghai, Ningxia, Xinjiang, Chongqing, and Chengdu will put on comprehensive display the development achievements, environments and key cultural projects of their local cultural and creative industries. There will be nearly 1,800 domestic and foreign exhibitors and businesses gathered at the ICCIE. Exhibitor invitation for ICCIE exhibition is completed. Project collection and advance docking are in full swing. The Office of the Organizing Committee is making great efforts to invite professional visitors and clients both from home and abroad to visit the ICCIE and join in the communications and negotiations.

Here, we sincerely hope that all news media will give your warm concern and strong support to the ICCIE as usual. Through your participation and publicity, various social circles will have a better understanding of the ICCIE so as to jointly promote cultural construction to a new level. Thank you!

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