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Project: Modern urban complex (originally the Laixi Hotel renovation project)

2017-8-30 16:25:58

Project Basics

Name: Modern urban complex (originally the Laixi Hotel renovation project)

Date of posting: 2017-8-25

Project type: Others

Investment mode: Others

Industry: Others

Location: Qingdao City, Shandong Province

Term of validity: One year

Total amount: USD 75 million

Proposed total investment: USD 75 million

Category: General


1. Project basics and strengths: Covering a floor area of some 50mu and an estimated construction area of 230,000m2, the project is located west of Yantai Road and south of Huanghai Road in Laixi (near Shuiji Sub-district Office). It is positioned as a modern urban complex with commercial office buildings, high-rise flats, shopping malls, pedestrian street and cinema. It fits in well with a surrounding CBD focused on modern commerce, health care, finance, board and lodging. The project is within easy distance of four- or five-star hotels (Sea Party Hotel, Huaxi Hotel, Haobang Holiday Resort, and Yuanjie Hotel); two large-sized urban complexes (Colorful Continental Commercial Plaza, and Liqun Shopping Center); three tertiary hospitals (Laixi People’s Hospital, Laixi TCM Hospital, and Laixi Municipal Hospital); and three shopping malls (Likelai Shopping Center, Liqun Shopping Mall, and Liangmao Kaiyue Apartment Stall).

2. Content and scale: An RMB 500 million project with a construction area of 100,000m2.

3. Cooperation mode: Independent or joint investment.


Tenderee and contacts

Tenderee: Laixi Investment Promotion Bureau

Contact person: A point person at the Administrative Office

Tel.: 053288405390


Addr.: No.105 Beijing Road, Laixi, Shandong Province

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