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Project: Anjishan Forest Park Eco-tourism Resort

2017-7-12 8:40:02

Project Basics

Name: Anjishan Forest Park Eco-tourism Resort

Date of posting: 2017-7-7

Project type: Green field investment

Investment mode: Unlimited

Industry: Education, health, recreation, sports, and entertainment

Location: Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province

Term of validity: One year

Total amount: USD 435 million

Proposed total investment: USD 435 million

Category: General


Located about 30 kilometers southwest of Longnan County, the resort covers an area of 93,000mu, with forest stock of 549,700m3. Enjoying a typical mid-subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest ecosystem, it features a vast expanse of primary forests and natural secondary forests, colorful mid-subtropical flora and fauna, and authentic lifestyle of the Hakka and Yao peoples. It positions itself as a Chinese AAAAA-rated tourist attraction, catering to sightseers, holidaymakers, outdoor lovers, and health-conscious people. After coming into services, the resort will log RMB 430 million in business turnover and RMB 240 million in profits, with an 8% ROI (the estimated investment is RMB 3 billion). The joint venture is still in its infancy. Currently, forest land and forestry right transfer is under way.

Tenderee and contacts

Tenderee: Ganzhou Forestry (Group) Co., Ltd.

Contact person: Chen Jianhua

Tel.: 13707079500


Addr.: Anjishan Forest Farm, Longnan County, Ganzhou City

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