Press Conference for 2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services Was Successfully Held

2020-6-28 16:58:27

In 2012, the Ministry of Commerce and the People's Government of Beijing Municipality, upon the approval of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, jointly hosted the China (Beijing) International Fair for Trade in Services, and in 2019, it was renamed the China International Fair for Trade in Services. In 2020, the China International Fair for Trade in Services was renamed to "CIFTIS" for short. In recent years, CIFTIS has emerged as the largest comprehensive exhibition in service trade nationally and the leading exhibition in service trade domestically. CIFTIS, China Import and Export Fair and China International Import Expo serve as three major exhibitions open to the outside world in China.

The 2020 CIFTIS will be held in China National Convention Center and surrounding venues in early September. In response to COVID-19 pandemic in a scientific and effective manner, and adapting to the development trend "from physical to virtual, from offline to online" of the convention and exhibition industry, the 2020 CIFTIS will be organized in a form of "offline + online". Currently, it is prepared according to three schemes: (1) If the COVID-19 pandemic can be effectively controlled, it will be held in an "offline-centered, online-supplemented" mode. (2) If the overseas pandemic prevention and control are far from optimistic, it will be held by "online + offline". According to the pandemic level, the offline exhibitions mainly target at exhibitors in low-risk areas at home and abroad, while overseas guests and exhibitors who are unable to arrive at the scene will join an online exhibition. (3) If the domestic and foreign epidemic still remain serious, it will only be held online in accordance with the general requirements for national epidemic prevention and control.

2020 CIFTIS, themed with "Worldwide Services, Shared Benefits", covers 7 types of activities: (1) Key events, including the Global Trade in Services Summit. The summit will invite important guests from home and abroad to give speeches on the rules, orders and much-talked-about topics of international service trade, and develop a consensus on the development of global service trade. (2) Summit forums, including "New Trends in Open Development of Service Trade", "Trends and Frontiers of Digital Trade Development" and "Service Trade Facilitation from the Perspective of Multinational Corporations", and inviting representatives of relevant international organizations and national government agencies, and well-known guests from domestic and foreign industry-university-research circles for discussions and exchanges. (3) Industry conferences and professional forums. Relevant international organizations and institutions, overseas countries and regions, national ministries and commissions, domestic provinces, regions and cities, domestic and foreign business associations, well-known enterprises, etc., centering on topics such as frontier trends in service trade, innovative development, and international cooperation, hold industry conferences and professional forums. In addition, there are negotiating talks, exhibitions, results releases, supporting activities, etc.

2020 CIFTIS, taking "first-class exhibition" as its goal, will realize three major innovations as follows. (1) To establish a new "1+N" exhibition system. "1" refers to one comprehensive exhibition area, highlighting the development achievements of China's service industry and service trade, the smart application of global service trade in 5G, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other cutting-edge technologies, as well as the latest products, the latest technologies and Chinese solutions for epidemic prevention at home and abroad, etc.; "N" refers to the creation of N industry topics, such as cultural trade, tourism services, financial services, winter sports, service robots, 5G communication and information services, etc. will be unveiled. (2) To form a new mode of "offline + online". Build a digital CIFTIS platform, thus creating a "cloud CIFTIS" subject to COVID-19 pandemic and according to participation demands. Provide more opportunities for exhibitors by establishing exclusive pages, building virtual booths, live broadcasting offline events, and creating virtual meeting rooms; provide convenience for exhibitors to accurately match and conduct negotiations through online reservation for offline events and the virtual negotiation rooms; set up an online publishing hall to carry out online publishing activities. (3) To launch a variety of supporting activities. Organize evening and off-site activities in an innovative manner to further enhance the effectiveness of the exhibition. In terms of evening activities, themed nights, business salons, dinner and cocktail parties and cultural performances, scientific and technological light shows, gourmet business parties, etc. will be held in China National Convention Center and surrounding indoor and outdoor venues to facilitate exhibitors to carry out relaxing evening business exchanges; for off-site activities, consumption resources and routes of science, technology and culture tourism with Beijing characteristics will be recommended to provide exhibitors with diversified choices for in-depth experience of the capital's new image, new technologies, and new services.

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