ZHOU Jianping: Four Highlights in the Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition 2019 Will Presented A Grant Gardening Event

2019-3-19 9:09:37

“By April 10, 2019, the civil engineering and landscaping of the Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition will be completed successively, following which the operational assurance testing and control , as well as half-load testing of operational support will be gradually carried out...” ZHOU Jianping, executive deputy director of the Coordination Bureau of Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition said in our exclusive interview, that they are making great efforts for a wonderful gardening culture feast for the Exhibition, which will allow visitors to truly feel the beauty of nature and plants.

According to Mr. Zhou, member of CPPCC, the Exhibition is one of the major events in Beijing in 2019. There are now no more than 60 days left before its opening. The entire park is now being transformed into the operational phase as scheduled. Due to the impact of the climate, the overall construction of project will be carried out according to two time nodes: First, all tasks involving civil engineering will be entirely completed by March 20; second, the planting will be finished by April 10.

Meanwhile, some test and control work for operational guarantees as well as other relevant operation works will be conducted, covering visitor support, park maintenance, volunteer affairs, and ticketing operation. All the simulation tests will be also carried out at this stage. In April, a half-load testing of operational support will be scheduled to ensure that during the Exhibition, visitors can truly enjoy a safe and comfortable environment and feel the beauty of nature and plants at this cultural feast for horticulture. The four highlights will be expected in the Exhibition:

Highlight 1: A High-level Event

In the past, Beijing has also held many exhibitions, but most of them are sponsored by industry associations with the purpose to promote the development of the industry. However, this International Horticultural Exhibition, as a grand event once again held in China 20 years later after the Kunming International Horticultural Exhibition in 1999, will be hosted by the Chinese government, with the goal to bring gardening into people’s lives and meet their needs for a better life.

For the development of the industry, it also meets the requirements of a high-level world-class gardening event. Nowadays, the demand for horticultural plants in the world is soaring, especially in Germany, followed by some developed countries such as the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, and the horticultures are becoming ever closer to people’s life. Compared with people in developed countries, the Chinese regards gardening as just flowers. In fact, this also includes cultivation of plants, nurturing and distribution of excellent species, plant technology, as well as tea and fruit medicine, all of which give a dramatic impetus to the development of the industry. Therefore, China has now great space and market potential in relevant industries.

The International Horticultural Exhibition is a worldwide gathering, which will involve many countries and organizations and bring a distinctive visual experience to the visitors. It will also expand the public’s understanding of countries in the world, promote the friendship between different countries, and build a platform for industrial exchanges between them.

Highlight 2: A Wide Scope of Horticulture

Horticulture is not just about planting flowers and grasses. This year’s Exhibition will showcase vegetables, fruits, Chinese herbal medicines, and the art of gardening, as well as different ways of understanding of gardening.

In addition to the display from various provinces and cities of China and countries around the world, the Exhibition also attracted works from enterprises. The event features “the Garden for Hundreds of Fruits”, “the Garden for Hundreds of Herbs” and “the Garden for Hundreds of Trees”, as well as “the Master Garden”, an exhibition garden for five famous horticultural masters from the United Kingdom, Japan, Belgium and Netherlands, who will present their wonderful works. The Dutch design work “Shaohua (Spring Time)” combines gardening with philosophical ideas; the Japanese designer incorporates his deep understanding of “Peach Blossom Spring”, a classical Chinese literary work, into the image of the village where he grew up, resulting in the excellent masterpiece of “Peach Garden”. Therefore, visitors to the Exhibition will gain unique experiences and enjoy the constant expansion of horticulture.

Highlight 3: A Cluster of Diverse Gardens

A variety of different cultures, gardening technics, and colorful plants are displayed in the park. It is fair to say that the customs and culture of all countries can be tasted within this one garden.

In the Exhibition, there are delicate and pretty sceneries in the southeast China and the extensiveness of the desert, there are diverse species of South China and rare phytocoenosium from the plateau… Exhibitions of various places across the country can allow visitors to feast their eyes on the beautiful China and arouse everyone’s love for the great beauty of nature.

Highlight 4: An Ecological Lesson

The planning, construction and exhibition process of the Exhibition will provide visitors with opportunities to come closer to the ecology, bring them various of horticultural knowledge, and let everyone truly close to, love, conform to, and live in harmony with nature.

What are the original species of the plants? How to protect wetlands, birds, and insects, and what are the means adopted? When coming to the park, visitors will be presented a diversified community, and be shocked by the luxury and practicability of the venues and the harmony between human and nature.

ZHOU Jianping indicated that the Exhibition will tremendously promote the development of the Yanqing District. Increasing the media exposure and coverage of Yanqing worldwide through the process of exhibitor recruiting which is one of its greatest achievements. Hosting the Exhibition is a rare opportunity for Yanqing to build contact with the world.

Furthermore, the Exhibition would bring potential influence on Yanqing. The infrastructure and administration of Yanqing will be fully improved, and the public’s horizon will also be broadened. Such valuable effects are both intangible and sustainable.

In addition, the Exhibition will drive the development of the tourism across the district and provide unlimited business opportunities for a mature and stable tourism industry belt. The Exhibition will also extend the merits the tourism industry belt towards the north, solving the problems of local employment and economic development. At the same time, it can undertake some functions of the Winter Olympics in the future, laying a spatial foundation for the great event to come.


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