Circular: CIAME 2017 Invitation

2017-8-30 16:27:00

China International Automotive Manufacturing Expo (CIAME) 2017 will be held by CCPIT in Hefei, Anhui Province on Dec. 8th-10th. CIAME strives for electrified, intelligent, lightweight auto manufacturing equipment and technology, an energy-efficient, environment-friendly industry, and a healthy consumer base.

As China’s only authoritative international Expo focused on auto manufacturing equipment and technology, CIAME 2017 will serve as a platform for exchanges, exhibitions, experiencing, learning and promotions. It is currently open for application to auto companies.


I. CIAME 2017 Basics

Time: Dec. 8th-10th

Venue: Hefei Lakeside International Convention and Exhibition Center

Sponsored by: CCPIT

Co-hosted by: CCPIT Automotive Industry Committee

            CCPIT Anhui Sub-council

            China International Economic Cooperation and Investment Inc.

            Beijing Philisense Technology Co., Ltd.

Co-sponsored by: Messe Frankfurt

               Hefei Zhengwen International Exhibition Management Pty. Ltd.


II. Previous Expos

CIAME is gaining influence thanks to the success of previous sessions. The following companies have supported the Expo: ABB, Siemens, Stäubli, Beijing Research Institute of Automation for Machinery Industry, China Automobile Industry Engineering Corporation, Changchun FAW Equipment Technology Development Co., Ltd., Beijing BYJC-Doerfer Assembly Line Co., Ltd., Dalian Zhiyun Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., LAM automotive equipment Co., Ltd., Panasonic, Hexagon, Schuler, Shanghai Aidehua Heavy Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd., Beijing Research Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Technology, Farley · Laserlab, and Jiangsu Biao Horse Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. The following auto or spare part manufacturers have spoken highly of the Expo: FAW, BMW, Benz, BAIC Motor, Beijing Hyundai, SAIC Motor, Beiqi Foton Motor, Guangzhou Automobile Group, BYD, Chery, Great Wall Motors, Tianjin FAW Xiali Automobile Co., Ltd., Geely, Hafei Motor, Zhengzhou Yutong Group, Auman Heavy Duty Trucks, Beijing Automotive Technology Center, China Auto Parts & Accessories Corp., China North Vehicle Research Institute, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, YTO, Robert Bosch, Denso, Delphi, Magna, Beijing BAI Lear Automotive Systems Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Motor Parts and Components Group, Lingyun Industrial Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhonghuan Kinetics Heavy Vehicles Co. Ltd., and Motornament Automotive System (Beijing) Co., Ltd.


III. Exhibitions

1. Equipment and technology

 (1) Major equipment and technology:

a) For stamping: stamping techniques, sheet metal, dies and tools, (pneumatic/hydraulic/mechanical) machinery, machine tools, processing center, sheet metal shears, uncoilers, and cutting machinery

b) For welding: welding techniques, auto welding lines, electric welding machinery, welding tongs, frock clamps, welding robots, and auxiliary transport devices

c) For spraying: pretreatment and cathode electrophoresis techniques, electrophoresis tanks, wipers, and spraying robots

d) For general assembly: fixed devices and tools, assembly lines, assembly and transport devices, oil filling devices, and outgoing quality assessment devices

 (2) Equipment and technology for auto design and development, standardized plants, OEMs

 (3) Advanced robotics: robotics, big data cloud platform, video technology and apps, human-computer interactions, VR, AR and space capsule experiencing

2. Spare parts and equipment

 (1) Spare parts

 (2) Processing equipment: machine tools as well as metal cutting, pointing, grinding, milling and boring devices; processing center as well as equipment and technology for stamping, forging and bending; equipment and technology for upholstery cutting and polyurethane foaming; engine manufacturing equipment and machinery, measuring equipment and technology, rechargeable batteries, electrical machinery, and management systems; gear cutting and bearing manufacturing devices, equipment and technology for laser cutting and marking, NC tools, coating technology, metalworking oil, and CAPS

3. Finished cars

Upmarket brands, parallel-import cars, business purpose vehicles, energy-efficient vehicles, new energy vehicles, and commercial vehicles


IV. Trade Visitors/Purchasers

CIAME will invite:

a) Sourcing units of auto manufacturers to purchase manufacturing devices and spare parts;

b) Sourcing units of spare part manufacturers to purchase spare parts, techniques, devices and materials;

c) Auto experts, specialized organizations, media professionals; and

d) Car fans and university students.


V. Side Events

Auto Big Data Summit; awarding ceremony for World’s Best Plants/Operational Excellence Awards; new technology launch; Purchasers and Suppliers Conference; Auto Carnival; test drive, on-site demonstration and promotion of new energy vehicles


Please see the appendix for more information.


VI. Contacts

China International Economic Cooperation and Investment Inc.

Addr.: 8F Jianda Building, No.14 Dongtucheng Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Postcode: 100013

Tel.: 010-85271195

Fax: 010-85271272

Contact person: Huang Dawei



Beijing Philisense Technology Co., Ltd.

Addr.: Philisense Tower, No.2 Zhixincun, Tayuan, Haidian District, Beijing

Postcode: 100191

Tel.: 010-60958430

Fax: 010-60958100

Contact person: Zheng Yue



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