ICCIE 2017 to Be Held in Beijing from Sep. 11 to Sep. 13

2017-8-22 15:45:29

The 12th China Beijing International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as ICCIE 2017) will be held from September 11 (Monday) to September 13 (Wednesday) in Beijing. ICCIE 2017 focuses on the theme of "integration of culture and technology, inheritance and innovative development", elaborately setting up a platform consisting of comprehensive activities, exhibitions and displays, promotions and transactions, forums and meetings, creative activities, and parallel sessions. The major exhibition is located in China International Exhibition Center (old venue), and visitors can get free admissions by producing valid identity certificates at the entrance from 9 a.m. on September 11-13.

ICCIE 2017 serves to Beijing’s functional positioning as a “national cultural center”. The event adapts to the “new normal” of China’s economy, and focuses on the coordinated development of Jing-Jin-Ji cluster, the Belt and Road initiative, and other national strategies. Giving full priority to promoting the outstanding Chinese culture and propelling the integration and innovation of cultural and creative industries, ICCIE 2017 also unleashes new advantages of cultural and creative industries development, demonstrates and drives traditional industries to transform and upgrade, guides and expands cultural consumption, encourages international cultural communication and cooperation, and strives to enhance the influence of Beijing’s culture and the Chinese civilization as a whole.

ICCIE was jointly launched by the Ministry of Culture, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Film, Television, and the People's Government of Beijing Municipality upon approval of the State Council. It is organized by 30 entities including China Alliance of Radio, Film and Television, Chinese Publishers Association, China Cultural Industry Association, and Beijing Municipal Committee, and co-organized by CCPIT Beijing. The previous 11 sessions have entrenched the annual event in Beijing as a grand international cultural and creative industry gathering.

ICCIE relies on Beijing’s favorable atmosphere for cultural and creative industries and a wealth of exhibition resources. Through 11 years of development, it has brought into shape an activity framework integrating comprehensive activities, exhibitions and displays, promotions and transactions, forums and meetings, creative activities, and parallel sessions. It plays an important role of platform in converging cultural industry resources, excavating cultural and creative connotations, facilitating the integration of culture and technology, leading cultural consumption and improving cultural innovation, and, with authority and attraction, establishes its particular brand influence in the national convention and exhibition circle.

According to incomplete statistics, the previous 11 events have attracted 565 government and corporate delegations and 14,342 professionals from more than 100 countries, regions, and international organizations like the UN, the EU, the World Intellectual Property Organization, the International Olympic Committee, and the World Animation Association. It is noteworthy that an amazing 31 autonomous regions, provinces, municipalities and SARs of China have attended in groups. 1,267 activities have been held and the total exhibition area covers 2.02 million square meters. ICCIE has recorded 10.93 million visitors from all walks of life, and logged RMB 786.105 billion in the value of agreements and transactions. A total of 17,413 domestic and foreign cultural and creative enterprises and institutions have participated in the major exhibition, with a total exhibition area of 605,000 square meters and 2.17 million people involved. 365 promotion and transaction activities have been organized, with 95,061 people involved. There have been 102 forums and meetings, where 1,666 participants, including senior officials of international organizations, department heads of cultural and creative industries, and internationally renowned experts, scholars and entrepreneurs, lectured. 113 creative activities have been conducted alongside 132 parallel sessions of different themes. ICCIE, with its extensive exhibition scale, abundant content, wide international participation and fruitful achievements, has a strong influence in domestic and foreign cultural and creative fields.


For more information on ICCIE 2017, please follow the News Center Channel of the official website: http: //, and Weibo and WeChat official accounts of CCPIT Beijing.

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