CCPIT Beijing Holds Online Exhibition for Anti-coronavirus Supplies

2020-3-23 9:57:57

According to WHO China’s daily COVID-19 situation report, as of 10:00, Mar. 15th Central European Time (or 17:00 Beijing Time), there were 27 new cases in China and 10,955 in other countries and regions. Italy, Pakistan, Serbia and other hard-hit countries are seeking material and technical support from China.

Beijing has stepped up research efforts to help address COVID-19. To the afflicted areas, Beijing has donated some of the products of local pharmaceutical and tech companies. It has also connected the said companies to export markets. Meanwhile, CCPIT Beijing has organized with eShow Global an online exhibition for anti-coronavirus supplies ( Exhibits fall into such categories as diagnostic kits, medical devices, Chinese patent medicine, AI-assisted diagnostic system, temperature measurement equipment, disinfection and sterilization equipment, protective clothing, and isolation gown.

Among the earliest exhibits are Storax Pills and Ganmao Qingre Granules of Beijing Tongrentang Co., Ltd., Lianhua Qingwen Capsules of Beijing Yiling Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Jinhua Qinggan Granules of Juxiechang (Beijing) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., AI-assisted CT scan and COVID-19 diagnostic system of BioMind, Mobile Medical Waste Treatment Station of Hangtian Shenhe (Beijing) Environment Co., Ltd., “Baiji” Medical Cabinet Air Purifier of Zi Sheng Hi-tech (Beijing) Co., Ltd., and test reagents of Beijing Applied Biological Technologies Co., Ltd. More products of other companies will be on display in the coming days.

Interested companies can find the contact information of the exhibitors in product details. CCPIT Beijing will further advertise the anti-coronavirus supplies to overseas markets.

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