Zhang Yongming Meets with Chinese Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina

2019-11-6 14:10:55

On the morning of Oct. 28th (local time), a CCPIT Beijing delegation led by Chairman Zhang Yongming, who is on a trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina, paid a visit to the Chinese Embassy and compared notes with Ambassador Ji Ping on economic and trade cooperation between Beijing and Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC).

Zhang Yongming briefed the ambassador on CCPIT Beijing’s efforts in inviting enterprises to the 4th China-CEEC “17+1” Capital Mayors Forum, along with the Bosnia and Herzegovina visit plan. Ji Ping lauded CCPIT Beijing for its role in promoting trade cooperation and exchanges with CEEC. He believes project information sharing and achievement design will contribute to friendly, tangible collaboration between the two countries. In-depth discussions were made on how Beijing could lend its strengths to the upgrading of municipal engineering projects, construction of industrial parks, development of tourism resources, reconstruction of old plants, and promotion of automobile trade in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The delegation also shared with the ambassador its preliminary design for the trade events in parallel to the 5th China-CEEC “17+1” Capital Mayors Forum in Sarajevo next year.

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