Third BCIC Council Holds Second Meeting

2018-2-6 13:37:39

On the afternoon of Feb. 1st, the 2nd Meeting of the 3rd Council of Beijing Chamber of International Commerce (BCIC) was held in Beijing. Fu Jiang, President of Bank of Montreal (China) Co., Ltd., and Zhao Tong, General Manager of SMC (China), attended together with other Vice Presidents and 220 council members. The meeting was presided over by Lin Bin, Vice Chairman of CCPIT Beijing and Vice President & Secretary General of BCIC.

Motions adopted at the meeting are: a) the appointments of Zhang Yongming, President of CCPIT Beijing, as President of BCIC, and Ma Changjun, Vice President of CCPIT Beijing, as Vice President of BCIC; b) BCIC 2017 Work Report and 2018 Vision; c) the recruitment of ten executive council members including Beijing Advertising Association, 16 council members including Beijing Building Energy-Efficiency & Environment Engineering Association, and 44 members including Tongzhou Chamber of Commerce for Innovative Tech Companies; and d) the establishment of BCIC Architectural Committee.

As the new president Zhang Yongming pointed out at the 2017 Work Report, over the past year, BCIC has adhered to the principle of “serving the government, serving enterprises, and serving the open-ended economic development of the capital city”, strictly followed the guidance from municipal leaders as well as the vision of the new council, and probed into new modes and new paths. BCIC strives to bring into play its distinctive features and roles, boost the service system by means of investment and trade, and further establish itself as a pivotal chamber of commerce. Through its high-end platform for international economic and trade exchanges, business interactions at home and abroad, international exhibitions, international commercial certifications, international economic and trade information services, and international training on economic and trade, BCIC is in a stronger position to serve the government, the enterprises and the capital.

When it comes to the 2018 Vision, Zhang Yongming noted that BCIC would continue to serve and share in a demand-oriented, negotiation-based manner. By attracting foreign companies to China and helping domestic ones go out, BCIC will enhance its international influence and foster a sense of fulfillment among members. It will focus on the following three aspects which coincide with the concerns of the government, society and members: First, creating a more favorable environment for members going global. BCIC will further improve the schemes for economic and trade cooperation alongside bi-directional communication between the government and enterprises, spreading public policies in an accurate, effective, exhaustive and timely manner while giving voice to the hopes of enterprises. In the meantime, BCIC will strategize the international platform for collaborative economic and trade research, a platform which goes well with its own functions. Second, offering premium, professional services to members eyeing abroad. By deepening and detailing existing projects and developing new ones, BCIC will press ahead with “Internet + convention and exhibition” and rev up the international economic and trade information service system. It will help enhance the global presence, brand awareness, competitiveness and specialization of Beijing’s exhibition industry, and that is a good thing to all members. Third, building a caring “Home of Members”. BCIC will ramp up support for members and team up domestic and international associations and chambers of commerce based on a better mechanism. In so doing, it will become more visible and attractive at home and abroad.

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