CCPIT Beijing Supports Mobike’s Global Expansion

2017-10-26 15:28:21

On Oct. 20th, CCPIT Beijing inked a strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing Mobike Technology Co., Ltd., the first agreement of its kind with a tech start-up based in Beijing. According to the agreement, CCPIT Beijing will provide channels, information and legal support for overseas expansion of Mobike.

Lin Bin, Vice Chair of CCPIT Beijing, described the support as “omnidirectional”. “Well-connected with international chambers of commerce, CCPIT Beijing is able to link Mobike with governments of various countries,” said he.

The details of cooperation are subject to further consultation. Mr. Lin promised to include the support for Mobike in next year’s work plan of CCPIT Beijing.

Currently, Mobike runs over 7 million shared bikes in 180 cities in nine countries. With the support of CCPIT Beijing, it may not have to wait till year-end to hit the 200-city threshold.

Mr. Lin revealed that CCPIT Beijing is in cooperation with 192 chambers of commerce in 80 countries and regions. It has helped establish Beijing International Conference of Friendly Chambers of Commerce, the Roundtable for Chairmen of Capital Chambers of Commerce of “16 + 1" Countries as well as other multilateral platforms to promote Chinese enterprises to the world. From now on, CCPIT Beijing will make full use of its expansive overseas network to lead a larger number of outstanding enterprises to the global stage.

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