Salzburg Economic and Trade Fair Held in Beijing

2012-3-23 14:31:00

On March 20, 2012, the government and economic/trading delegation led by Mrs. Burgstaller, Governor of Salzburg, Austria, held the Sino-Austria Business Forum in Beijing, where a deep discussion was taken between 30 Chinese enterprises and Austrian enterprises. The CCPIT Beijing reached a consensus with the Confederation of Salzburg Industry in terms of the presence in the CHITEC, the ICCIE, information exchange, and mutual visit, etc.

Salzburg is the famous “City of Music” in the world, also the hometown of composer Mozart, and the second well-known tourist, cultural and exhibition center after Vienna in Austria. For recent years, the Sino-Austria relationship presents a good momentum: leaders of both sides paid a frequent mutual visit; communication and cooperation in terms of economy & trading, technology and culture continues enlarging and achieving good results; good communication and coordination is kept in multilateral organizations like the United Nations and international matters.

The Salzburg delegation, at the invitation of the Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs, visited Shanghai, Heilongjiang and Beijing one after another.

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