GDP of China's counties continues to expand

2022-7-21 10:46:27

The GDP generated by China's county level administrative regions expanded from 24.1 trillion yuan ($3.57 trillion) in 2011 to 39.2 trillion yuan in 2020, or 1.6 times, CCID Consulting said in its latest Research Report on Competitiveness of China's Top 100 Counties in 2022 on Wednesday.

As per the report, the county level administrative regions maintained their proportion of over 38 percent of the country's total GDP from 2011 to 2020. Counties with a GDP above 100 billion yuan increased from five to 43 during the same period. The number of enterprises above the designated size in these regions rose from 183,824 to 191,322, accounting for around 50 percent of the country's total.

The report found, in 2021, the top 100 county level administrative regions in China covered less than 2 percent of the country's land and 7 percent of the population, but created 9.94 percent of the country's GDP, or a quarter of the GDP of all county level administrative regions in China.

In terms of regions, 65 counties of the top 100 sit in East China, 22 in Central China, 10 in West China and three in Northeast China. Central and West China saw their numbers increase by six and two respectively in 2021 compared with 2018.

Kunshan, Jiangyin and Zhangjiagang, continue to hold the top three counties with a GDP above 7 trillion yuan respectively.

(Source: China Daily)

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