Chairman Xiong Jiuling attends the Dinner for Business Circles from member states of SCO

2012-6-12 11:30:00

On the evening of June 5th, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) convened the Dinner for Business Circles from member states of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) at Beijing Hotel. A total of 100 people were present at the dinner, including CCPIT Chainman Wan Jifei, CCPIT Vice Chairman & President of The Chinese Entrepreneurs Committee Yu Ping, president of the China Business Counicl of SCO, president of the Uzbekistan Business Council, president of Kyrgyzstan Business Council, president of the Tajikistan Business Council, advisor for the president of the Kazakstan Business Council and representative of Russian President for the SOC affairs, as well as chambers of industry and commerce and enterprise representatives. Xiong Jiuling, Chairman of CCPIT Beijing Sub-branch, was invited to be present.

Chairman Wan stated that the SCO, since its founding, has made positive contributions to promoting mutual development and maintaining regional peace and stability; the Business Council of the SCO, as the only organization for the business circles under the SCO, plays an important role in improving the mutual development of member states. He also said that CCPIT, as the largest organization for promoting trade and investment and member unit of the China Business Council of the SCO, has been dedicated to carrying out trade cooperations with member states of the SCO, and would like to continue such cooperation to make greater contributions to the sustained and sound growth of the SCO by taking the chance of the Beijing Summit.

President Mezentsev stated that the SCO member-states are connected each other, should make closer cooperation to jointly facilitate the mutual trade and investment to drive regional economic unification and to deepen the cooperation among all fields. He believed that the SCO regional economic trade cooperation will fulfill more achievements and benefit the people through business councils and circles under the concern and support of heads and governments of the member-states.

Mr. Govorov, head of the Moscow Chamber of Industry and Commerce (MCIC) which is the member-unit of C-6 Conference and friendly chamber of CCPIT Beijing Sub-branch, were also invited to attend the dinner. During the dinner, Chairman Xiong and Mr. Govorov made candid talks in terms of close communication and cooperation between CCPIT and MCIC, especially the matters related to the C-6 Conference by the end of July.

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