The 10th Edition of the China Beijing International Hi-Tech Industry Expo(2007)


The 10th edition of the China Beijing International Hi-Tech Industry Expo was successfully staged between 23 and 27 May 2007 in Beijing, China. To best summarize the experiences and lessons of the convention and exhibition (c&e) and to offer references for the next hi-tech expo, the organizing committee's office has entrusted the Convention and Exhibition Research Institute of Beijing Union University to do the relevant follow-up investigation and research on such things as expo's exhibitions, negotiations/promotions, forum series, as well as exhibitors, visitors, participants and projects signed. An objective evaluation was done to the best efforts through questionnaire, talks, interviews, historical review, material referencing and other research methods; statistical analysis system and relevant statistical tools were also used for the evaluation.  
This evaluation report used 6000 plus copies of questionnaires, 4889 effective copies were retrieved, an 82.3% effective rate. Among the effective copies, 2062 were on the visitors part, 573 on exhibitors, 756 on business negotiations and 973 on forums.
The Convention and Exhibition Research Institute of Beijing Union University, as the independent third party, has conducted relevant evaluation on this hi-tech expo without any interference and has thus assured objectivity, authenticity and fairness. A combination of qualitative and quantitive analysis principle has been adopted to ensure its scientific feature, reviewing the effects, evolution, and development trend of the hi-tech expo with real objective data. This analysis report objectively reveals the status quo, the value, the forecast future trend of hi-tech expo and has been intended to serve as objective and effective references for policy makers.
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