The 9th Edition of the China Beijing International Hi-Tech Industry Expo(2006)


The 9th edition of the China Beijing International Hi-Tech Industry Expo came to a successful end on 27 May 2006. To give the expo an objective, fair, and comprehensive appraisal and to best sum up the lessons and experiences, the organizing committee office has entrusted the Convention and Exhibition Research Institute of Beijing Union University to do the relevant follow-up research on such aspects as convention and exhibition, negotiations, forums, exhibitors, visitors, signed projects etc. The entrusted work has come to a finish in a two-month duration via such means as questionnaire, holding of symposiums, face to face interviews and on-line surveys.
China's convention & exhibition (c&e) developes fast in recent years and so is research and evaluation on c&e which is also on a gradual rise. C&E is an important link in the whole c&e operation loop and an important refection of c&e's continuity. More and more c&e hosts and organizers value highly of c&e appraisal and evaluation for concern to benefit from it and give a better performance at the next expo.
This evaluation report uses 3,500 plus copies of questionnaires, 3020 effective copies were retrieved, an 86% effective rate. Among the effective copies, 1604 copies were on the visitors' part, 464 exhibitors, 274 business negotiations and 678 on forums.
A systematic and thorough appraisal was done with regards to the expo's environment and effectiveness based on statistical analysis on the questionnaires and other means of research methods and evaluation principles. A combination of qualitative and quantitive analysis method was adopted to ensure its scientific feature, objectivity and impartiality, showcasing the effect, evolution, and future development trend of the expo with real data. This analysis report objectively reveals the status quo, the value, the forecast future development direction of the c&e; suggestions and counseling on the development tendency, bettering of the modes and brand building of c&e were also provided.   
The Convention and Exhibition Research Institute of Beijing Union University, as an independent third party to conduct the relevant evaluation on this hi-tech expo, has ensured authenticity and fairness. We hope that the suggestions and countermeasures in this report could be of some reference to the future hosts and organizers of hi-tech expos, helping the organizing committee with a better performance on branding of this event. It is the aim of this report to forge the hi-tech expo a prestigious expo gala that is international, market-oriented, and professional with special characteristics, unique styles, branding as China's first, the number one among all hi-tech expos. 
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