CCPIT Beijing Visits the U.S.A and Canada and Signs Agreements with American and Canadian Chambers of Commerce


A delegation led by the Deputy Inspector of CCPIT Beijing Sub-Council LI Luxia paid a visit to the U.S.A and Canada Oct. 10-19, 2011. The delegation held a series of discussions with the Chairman of Washington State China Relations Council Joseph J Borich, the President of Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle Sam Kaplan, and the Chairman of Canada China Business Council George Lian. The delegation signed cooperation agreements with those organizations and reached a consensus on the specific cooperation for next year.

The progresses and agreements on specific cooperation that the delegation made were as follows. First, the delegation signed cooperation agreements respectively with Washington State China Relations Council, Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle, and Canada China Business Council. Second, an agreement with Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle was reached that Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle was to send an enterprises’ delegation of clean energy technology to Beijing for visiting, whose investigation and negotiation with Chinese enterprises would be under CCPIT Beijing Sub-Council’s responsibilities. Third, the three organizations mentioned above would be highly welcome at China Beijing International Hi-tech Expo and China Beijing International Cultural and Creative Industry Expo presented by CCPIT. Fourth, CCPIT Beijing Sub-Council would attend the Summit Conference of Chambers of Commerce held in the U.S.A in the autumn of 2012 at US' invitation. Fifth, taking advantage of our resources, CCPIT Beijing Sub-Council would like to bring Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle into contact with Chile. Sixth, CCPIT Beijing Sub-Council would, with coordinating efforts from Washington State China Relations Council, establish a China-US communication website for enterprises exchanging information and technologies. Furthermore, CCPIT Beijing Sub-Council would provide Canada China Business Council with help to hold its 15th anniversary founding celebration in Beijing in 2012. (Note: Date of news published: 2011-11-15.)

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