Global Enterpolis @ Singapore 2011 (GES) to be held in October


The Global Enterpolis @ Singapore 2011 (GES) is a top grand meeting in Asia for business leaders, which will bring together a community of outstanding people for a series of highly focused discussions on the global business trends, innovative ideas and strategies of economy growth.
Co-presented by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) and Singapore Business Federation (SBE), GES provides a platform for regional business leaders, entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals and policy makers to make discussions on the latest outlook on global markets, business model trends, innovative ideas and new approaches in ever shifting economic landscape.
Having been held successfully for 8 years, GES has become the flagship business event of the national business forum in Singapore. It calls up excellent international speakers, including those who are well recognized thought leaders and policies makers in their field of expertise every year. Their participation and sharing of their market experience and deep business insights contribute to GES becoming a must-stand event in Asia for business leaders. (Note: Date of post for this piece of news was 2011-09-09.)
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